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O: Overrated Books #AToZChallenge

No list of books is complete without the list of overrated books. Not that I have read all the books in the world, but there are some books that I wish I hadn't read. Some books create so much of hype around it that I feel like an outsider for not having read it. Then I go ahead and read it and then I wonder what was so good about the book? This has happened way too many times that I now have a long list. Almost all Indian authors fall into this list by default, led by Mr. Bhagat of course. Apart from these, a lot of other books have left a bad taste in my mouth. Since I cannot talk about all, I have just picked a few pretty famous ones here.

The Alchemist

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This book was just okay. I have no idea why people take lifes lessons from this book. A lot many people call this their bible as well. As for me, I was super bored thanks to Santiago and his treasure. In fact, I feel every book from Paulo Coelho is over rated. I hated 'Eleven Minutes' and 'Veronika Decides To Die' made me want to kill myself. He seems to be the favorite author of many bibliophiles, but sadly his writing doesn't work for me.

The Fault In Our Stars

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Oh, the hype this one created! And the number of people who succumbed to it! This book will always remain the hamartia of my life. You can read my review here.

Eat Pray Love

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Boring, depressing and more boring. I just couldn't connect with this book. There also is a book called 'Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It', that is written by people who sorted out their life after reading this book. All that I wanted to do after reading this was to tuck into a big bucket of gelato.

Love Story

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You can't start a book with the death of a heroine and then build a story around it. While it worked for many others, it did nothing for me.

The Cuckoo's Calling

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J. K. Rowling's Robert Galbraith persona attracted many readers. But the writing was so tedious that I read this book fully only on the third attempt. The mystery was luke warm and predictable too.

The Twilight Saga

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This clearly was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. If I had to try the genre of fantasy, maybe I should have tried 'Harry Potter' earlier. Actually, the story is pretty imaginative and creative. What lets the book down is its main characters, Bella and Edward. To me, they were the most boring couple ever.

The God Of Small Things

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So much hype around this one that I asked this to be my birthday gift. When I got it, I couldn't get past two pages. Ayemenem and its settings did not appeal to the mallu in me. This probably is a book that I'd never give a second chance to.

Fifty Shades of Grey

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Yes, I have this book on my shelf. I did not buy it, I borrowed it for someone who was more than glad to get rid of it. Now I'm looking for someone I can pass it on to. I found this book surprisingly funny, to say the least. No, I did not complete it. Had I, it would have completely ruined sex for me.

Are any of these books on your list of over rated books? If not, tell me which ones are.


  1. A lot of these books are on my list too! And yeah I remember how much you hated The Fault in our Stars. :P

  2. From your list, Fifty Shades and God of Small Things would be in my overrated list. Eat Pray Love is on TBR.

  3. I was grinning ear to ear reading this post, Soumya. I am so glad that I am not alone in hating these books. I could never connect with Paulo Coelo's books. Adultery seemed okay though. When I purchased Fifty Shades of Grey (from the roadside, about seven years ago) I didn't know what I was signing up for! I haven't read Eat Pray Love,but I so wanted to. That's on my TBR but I'm skeptical now! Hate Twilight series as well.
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  4. Lol...ok, I did enjoy TFIOS and Cuckoo's Calling but I hear you on the others. I love Rowling's writing so I'm drawn to almost everything she writes. With the thrillers, I love how she kept me hooked. John Green's Looking for Alaska is better than Fault in our stars but it is the book that led me to read his other books.

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  5. Hey our list are similar, except love story which I totally loved and even cried too. Alchemist was such a bore, I couldn't find any takeaway from the book. Twilight movies were better I feel, the writing was 'kill me now'. Cuckoo calling would have been so much better if it was edited to half it's size. Truly tedious to read.

  6. I haven't read Cuckoo's Calling, but we already discussed the rest offline. Now, I'm gonna make puppy eyes at you, remind you how much you love me, and push God of Small Things under your nose again.

    BTW - where are all the Nicholas Sparks books??? Those should definitely have been on this list. Also, all of John Green's books should've been in here, not just one.

  7. A much needed laugh your post is, Soumya! Most of the ultra-hyped up books and movies are pure excreta. Then, each individual has her own taste. It also matters what mood one is in, while reading a book, same for a movie. I haven't been able to get past the first few pages of any of these books. But I did sit through a Twilight movie -- on TV, before you judge. I was multi-tasking and found the glimpses at the tv screen quite boring. You do know that 50shades is Twilight fanfiction, no? Sadly, every one of these authors are laughing all the way to the bank!

  8. can i be a spoilt sport and say i like the Twilight Saga??? One of the most over rated author (and all his books) is Mr. Chetan Bhagat - I have no idea what he writes and why he writes!
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  9. Love this list. We seem to be on the same reading wavelength. I've had zero interest in reading 50 Shades and always suspected EPL was more about title than content.

    Fund read.

  10. I too hated the Twilight series! I read only the first book, and didn't feel like continuing with the series.

    I do like the Cormoran Strike series. Yeah, Cuckoo's Calling was too tedious, but the next books in the series are too damn awesome. Or maybe I'm just biased because it's JKR's work? *hides face* *runs away*

    I too didn't like The Alchemist, plainly because of its ending. I haven't read other books by Paulo Coelho. Eat Pray Love seemed too positive and cheery, it didn't seem like something which could actually help people. But then everyone has their own tastes in reading, right? What's the best for someone could be overrated for another! :D

  11. Alchemist - I liked the book for the concept. It was slow at times, but the overall impact on me was good.
    The Fault in Our Stars - It is one of my favorite books :p Huh!
    Eat, Prey Love - Not interested!
    Erich Segal's Love Story - I liked the book for its simplicity and the emotional connect.
    The Cuckoo's Calling - In my TBR list
    The Twilight Saga - He He, you know already that I liked the series :p
    The God of Small Things - I'll read in my thirties.
    Fifty Shades of Shit - I already said it!

    You forgot that book we all got from BlogAdda yar :p 60 minutes or something it was. I haven't read anything that bad in my whole life :D

  12. oh my... this post would be called savage as per the twitterati lingo! :D ruthless reviews! hehe...
    though I am okay with Alchemist, Twilight saga, Eat pray love...
    God of Small things was a bouncer which flew over my head and I didnt even knew it! I only remember the climax for the "heat" it described...
    Rest I havent read...
    I don't think I would read Love Story and the Faulty stars because of the tragedies...
    So in general, you are bingo on the books!


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