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S: Sidney Sheldon #AToZChallenge

When I was in the sixth standard, a teacher asked our entire class what our hobbies were. When my turn came, I told her that my hobby was to read novels. She then asked me what novels have I read. I said, Secret Seven and Famous Five. She just smiled and told me that they were not novels. They were just adventure stories. I asked her what novels were then. She told us that novels were long stories woven across a concept or a theme with a set of characters. The next day, my sister got home 'Tell Me Your Dreams' from the library. This was the first time that I had heard of Sidney Sheldon. Since my sister wanted to read the book the next day, I sat the entire night to read it. The next day, I told my teacher that I had read a novel by Sidney Sheldon. She then goes on to say that I was too young to read such novels. Well, I just ignored her.

After 'Tell me Your Dreams' I was a fan of Sidney Sheldon. I found the writing to be easy to understand and the mysteries were just out of the world. To this date, this book remains one of my favorites. There is something about his books that should be made mandatory for reading while growing up. The language used is brilliant and teaches you so many new words. The flow of the story is so quick and holds the reader on to it. Since then, I have read every book written by him. He probably is the only author whose all books I've read. I have loved each and every one of it. Of-course I have my own favorites, but I love them all.

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I used to save the money I got from doing promotional jobs and go buy his books. I have so many memories associated with his books. I remember taking the bus in rain one day just to go buy two of his books. Mainly because I had the money and was scared I'd spend it on other things if I held on to it. I came back home fully wet but the books were safe in their plastic cover. Another memory that I have with his books is when I was eighth standard. A teacher found the book 'Memories Of Midnight' in my bag and created a scene. I was taken to the principal and they all scolded me for reading this book. I told them that it was just a novel and nothing else. Finally my librarian had to come in to bail me out.

Sheldon's books had a lot of sex. But they were so well written that it made it look so normal. Of-course it was nothing when compared to Harold Robbins, but still it was great. They did teach me a lot about birds and bees than my biology teachers. More than anything, I loved his protagonists. Till date, I remember the story of every book and the characters in it. Noelle Page, Lara Cameron, Oliver Russel, Jennifer Parker, Rhys Williams, Tracy Whitney and every one else. They remain fresh in my mind forever. Such was the magic of his books.

I hated what Tilly Bagshawe did to his stories later. While 'Mistress Of The Game' was tolerable, 'Chasing Tomorrow' just ruined it for me. Tracy Whitney is one of my favorite characters and this sequel to 'If Tomorrow Comes' did not come close enough to the original. While 'Angel Of The Dark' lacked something solid, 'The Tides Of Memory' was good though. Still, she doesn't come close to the master himself. Just like he said it, when it comes to mysteries, he clearly is the master of the game.

Which is your favorite Sheldon book? Do you have a memory associated with his books?


  1. As you rightly said, the earlier books were way better. My choices would be:
    If tomorrow comes
    Rage of Angels
    Master of the Game
    Nothing Lasts Forever
    Doomsday Conspiracy

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  2. My first Sidney Sheldon book was The Other Side of Midnight. I found this book in my Dad's book shelf while cleaning it. I think I was in high school then and I was blown away by the writing. I read a lot of his other books and I really like them.

  3. Ok, so I'm not gonna use profanities (though I'm tempted to), but you know my crazy roommate I told you about right? She borrowed my copy of Tell Me Your Dreams, kept it for nearly a year, and returned it only after I begged her for it, and get this - it was TATTERED! Like, no cover, half the pages missing. It was one of my favorite Sheldon books. Hell, it was one of my favorite books, period. God, I still burn with rage when I think of it.

  4. I have read only two of his books... The characters of The other side of midnight, which I had read more than a decade ago, are still alive in my memories. Such compelling and strong narrative. But somehow I felt this wasn't the genre I loved even though I liked the story. Yeah strange how mind works 😀
    I remember the first time I read a bed scene and it was a crime thriller where the guy inserts the pencil in the girl's ears while doing the act. That did it for me. I was shocked beyond repair 🙈

  5. Nice blog.Thank you so much for sharing this blog.

  6. Master of the Game is my all time favorite. I loved Stranger in the Mirror too. Sidney Sheldon is my all time fav author and I have read all his books and now the ones which are written by Till Bagshawe too. His books are total page turner, they are simply unputdownable. I have re-read so many of his books.

  7. I love Sidney Sheldon! My first book was "If Tomorrow Comes" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also made into a movie, and many movies copied snippets from the story. All his books are gripping and make great reads!

  8. Nothing lasts forever was a book I read back to back twice . I really enjoyed it . Actually I love every Sydney Sheldon book I've laid my hands on. I've not read all his books...maybe will do soon .

  9. I haven't read Sidney Sheldon yet! Might as well pick up the titles you've mentioned, and stay away from the Tilly Bagshawe versions :)

  10. Tell me your dreams is my favourite but so is Memories of midnight


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