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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

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Life has never been easy for me
I have struggled to get past each day
When I saw darkness all around
I lit myself to find the way

Burdens I have carried one too many
That pushed my shoulders down
Of people, emotion and expectation
In uncertainty I was pushed to drown

I had to crawl my way back up
No one came to help me out
When I decided to live life my way
Their disapproval they did shout

I worked hard every second
With only a better future in sight
I was forced to grow up soon
In the end, I turned out alright

I have my beliefs in place
I have made myself way too strong
I now know to embrace the right
And accept it when I'm wrong

I made a life for myself
A small, happy, magical place
I found a person I could call home
In whose arms I found solace

This life of mine has made me tough
That's what battles do to you
I jumped into them head first
Every time I learnt something new

I have fallen and risen time and again
Sometime you win, sometimes you lose
But before you judge me for what I am
First walk a mile in my shoes


  1. Beautifully expressed Soumya! People judge others, envy them their success but seldom realize what went behind the scenes to make their story a success.

    1. Oh yes, people just don't get it sometimes. Thanks, Kala.

  2. So true and holds good for all of us. Isn't it? Reading your poem after a long time and as usual, loved it :)

    1. All of us, yes. Wrong a poem after a long time too and I'm glad it came out well.

  3. Fantastic words. Exactly how I feel. Easy to judge without being in the same situation.

    1. Thank you, Rachna. I'm sure most of us can relate to this.

  4. The poem has such a flow to it and there is not a word too many.

  5. This is brilliant, Soumya. It was as if my own story was unfolding in front of me! Love it! :)

  6. This poem reflects the other side to your personality - strong on the outside, soft inside! One of the rare ones to do so though :)

  7. Even if someone tries to put their feet into them they might not even fit them, leave along walking them. It is very easy to judge. this.

    1. That's a very realistic possibility.

      Heading to read yours now.

  8. You go girl... You tell them... Loved how you expressed through these wonderful verses. People judge no matter what... So be the awesome person you are and ignore others.

  9. Lovely, sweet and warm. 'A person I could call home - glad you found that - makes everything worthwhile.


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