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The Narcissist

George Tooker, self-portrait

I cannot stop looking into the mirror
I drown in my own deep blue eyes
I'm forever lost within myself
Oblivious to others joys and cries

I work hard for my perfect gait
Watch every morsel that I eat
I hit the gym twice a day
Achieving a body like this is quite a feat

Look at the sharpness of my nose
It sits perfectly on my sculpted face
My skin is all smooth and bright
With no blemishes to erase

My voice sounds all bold and husky
More melodious than this conch's chime
Tiredness doesn't get to my core
I look this gorgeous all the time

Oh lady, please don't fall in love with me
I shall tear your heart apart
What you think is Cupid's arrow
Is actually my poisoned dart

You will not mean a thing to me
Beyond me, my eyes can't see
You will never be good enough
Even if you try hard to be

I only shall think of myself
My thoughts I cannot cram
I can only love myself
I'm sorry, but that's who I am


  1. A very honest narcissist! Great poem. You've captured the ego beautifully.

  2. what an enjoyable poem! I loved these lines the most

    'What you think is Cupid's arrow
    Is actually my poisoned dart' :)

  3. This is Narcissus to a T! Excellent interplay of words, my lioness :)

  4. superinflated ego well brought out in these lively powerful verses!

  5. Ho tht last paragaraph captures it all !

  6. I knew it all the time!!! LOL! Delightful.
    Especially loved this:
    "What you think is Cupid's arrow
    Is actually my poisoned dart"

  7. Ha! This reminds me of someone I know...


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