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Purple Dreams

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I squint my eyes and look closely
The purple field ahead invites me
Confused I slowly set my foot in
Everywhere only purple I see

The leaves brush against my legs
The gentle flowers tickle my chin
I feel happiness envelope me
Through every pore of my skin

Maybe this is what they call magic
I love this warm fuzzy feeling
A butterfly comes flapping its wings
Placing on my finger a purple ring

I fought for what I wanted
It took me to places unseen
This miracle only I could see
It only made me more keen

Purple clouds lifted my spirits
As a unicorn paved my way
I spread my wings and flew up
I had learn to fly day after day

Soon I was drenched in purple rain
I felt a sense of strength within me
My silver wings was turning to purple
A clear path ahead I could see

Following my dreams, I fly ahead
I continue to swim against the tide
Everything around merges into purple
As my smile gets wide and wide


  1. Every single word is touched upon with a certain sensitivity to make it inspiration.

  2. I love the notion of walking through purple colour and being drenched by it- the imagery os quite exotic for me!

  3. I don't understand poetry much but I loved the light, happy feel to the post. Through trials and tribulations she moves forward charting her own course, evolving into someone stronger and better.

  4. So many metaphors in one. How though provoking this one is.

  5. Is it wrong that I was visualising 'City of Stars' when I read this?
    Of course, you know my trysts with poems!

    1. It may/may not have been slightly inspired from 'City Of Stars' :D

  6. I have always loved poetry and this one is truly an inspiration

  7. This was beautiful - full of so much wonder and optimism. Loved it Soumya.


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