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Each time my mind goes blank
Your presence is felt more
Filling me with happiness and grief
Troubling and curdling my core

Do you ever think of me
Of all the times that we met
Does this ever cross your mind
Together when we laughed and wept

I know now there is no wait
But it sometimes is tough to accept
I don't know what is it about you
You my love, are hard to forget

You're like the cool breeze
That infuses life back into me
You're also like the painful drug
Without which nothing else I can see

As the fateful day I dread
Seems to come near and near
You completely take over me
Leaving me in agony and fear

Do you also go through this
Do you feel the same things
What do you call that feeling
That each memory of us brings

I'm amazed by your distance
How do you manage to stay away
Why do you prefer to stay mute
Is there nothing you want to say

Don't you have to fight the urge
To pick up the phone and make the call
You seem like a mystery to me now
Probably I never knew you at all

How do you spend your days
Don't you ever feel the need to see me
Do I ever feature in your dreams
Or have you locked me out and thrown away the key

Do you ever miss me
When you have something to share
I probably wouldn't love you so much
If you actually did care


  1. I remember asking the same questions over and over again and not getting any answers... Hope u stay happy girl!

  2. wow soumya. ur sense of rhythm and clarity of expression is just mind blowing. im sure lots of people in this world are going thru EXACTLY what you have conveyed here. Putting myself in ur shoes, even I would never understand how someone can not remember the past, not feel the need to call and bridge the distance, and be able to completely GET OVER the whole relationship that might have been the best thing ever while it existed. Courage to leave the past behind and pick up the reins of the future is like a gift a few people are blessed with. but u write so well man, im not able to get over that :)

  3. Soums, beautiful revelation , men are hard to be read , they are so good in hiding emotions but in real sense they feel more than what we felt.

  4. I'm amazed by your distance
    How do you manage to stay away

    loved these lines...beautiful....

  5. There is a poem in hindi that has lines from a lover to her love...

    it says,

    sukh ko madhur banane wale, dukh mein bhool nahi sakte,
    kasak ban ke uthoongi mein priye, mujhko bhool nahi sakte.

    It is alright to miss, it happens. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. commentary on era is we all are tired of being nice to those who do not give a impulse is only our own brain love impulse.

  7. @Rachit,
    Just like love.


    I know the answers will never come. I've accepted that and moved on. This was just a state of the mind at that time.

    Just praying for more courage. Thank you so much, you've been really kind :)

    @Ice Maiden,

    Thanks lady. Is that so? I tend to doubt that.

    These two lines paralyse me. Glad you liked them.

    That's the hope.

    Happens right? Thank God. These lines are beautiful too.

    @anil khanna,
    Maybe even we should stop giving a damn. Its tough though.

    Thank you :)

  8. amazingg post ♥♥♥

  9. Soumay,

    First visit. Read all current posts. I feel sad at what you have gone through, if it is all based on your own experiences. Life is surely not bed of roses and at times unexpectedly we get hurt by someone whom we do not feel would do so. Love is something which is understood by each in his or her own way. I could go on and on for this but will restrict only to say what anther blogger wrote about Marriage - Success of marriage does not depend upon finding right partner but on being one. Any relationship needs few basics to be healthy - Mutual Respect, Mutual Trust, Giving Space and Two Way Open Logical Communication. If any of these is lacking the relationship is bound to have troubles. If you wish, we can discuss this more.

    Take care

  10. @Glamorous Barbie,
    Thank you <3

    It is all based on my own experience of a long long past. Getting over it slowly and steadily. Thanks.


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