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I Am Still Here

(Pic: Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler )

I clearly remember that fateful day
The agony is still fresh in my mind
A group of intruders barged in
I was the only one they could find

They pushed me on to this very chair
As though I was an element of fun
I yelled but they only laughed
Then they pounced on me one by one

They were five, my mind count count
My eyes remained glued to the light
They gagged me to silence my screams
The TV here solely witnessed my plight

My body was torn and soul broken
I grabbed the table sheet to ease the pain
I kicked hard and tried to push them away
My feeble body finally gave up in vain

Two of them held me to the chair
The others then gathered everything around
They broke the cabinets and ripped it apart
They checked and took everything they found

They set fire to my clothes
I tried to wrap myself with the sheet
They pulled my hair and threw me down
They hit and kicked me with their feet

When they were done with their pleasure
They threw me into the fire to burn
I cried and screamed my heavy lungs out
My tears were none of their concern

Destroying my house and myself
They left the place leaving me for death
My body surrendered to the flames
I still remember my last breath

My family came home that evening
The charred body of mine they found
A few tears and howls later
They lowered me to the ground

They abandoned this place for good
But my soul was not at peace
The people who took away my life
Were let off with such ease

I have found all of them now
Their laughs I can still hear
Planning my vengeance for them
My disturbed spirit still sits here

Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 210.

~ Soumya


  1. Goosebumps. This verse is so very moving -

    "My family came home that evening
    The charred body of mine they found
    A few tears and howls later
    They lowered me to the ground"

  2. Expecting a nice vengeance sequel if possible.. This post effortlessly conveys what you want to :)

    1. I'll try to put up a sequel. Thank you Keirthana! :)

  3. So so poignant Soumya.. Seriously, I could visualize the plight.. And yes .. expecting a vengeance sequel .. !!

    1. Thank you dear! I'll try and put up a sequel.

  4. Gripping stuff! They deserve the haunting of their lives for that!

  5. Oh wow!!! This is brilliant! So much pain, so much emotion...and yet, hopefully they will not get away with it!

    1. That's the hope.

      Thank you PB, nice to see you here :)

    2. I do read your work and love it...haven't commented though I think... sorry!! :D

    3. Ah ha! Not a problem at all! :)

  6. Frustrating. Anger inducing. Painful. Gut Wrenching. Heart breaking.

    Love this for the power it had on me.

    Wish for a day you don't have to write about stuff like this.You know?

    1. Thank you dear!

      I totally get it. I hope that day is near.

  7. Aah gripping, emotional, hauntingly captivating. :)

  8. Frightening. I too await a vengeance sequel.

    1. I shall try to put up a sequel! Thanks for reading Jo!

  9. The last line gave me goosebumps.
    Such a sad sad one Leo :(

  10. Tragic! Wish the culprits meet their karma soon. And also hope no innocent peeps face her wrath.

    Well written.
    - CRD

  11. Scary and haunting!
    Good job, girl.

  12. this is so emotional soumya...sigh...
    good work :)

  13. Too good Soumya. Pain and agony of the woman can be felt !! Nicely written

  14. Oh God this is painful and powerful. Loved this one! :)

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