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Play, Everyday!

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I live in a wonderland
Obsessed with my hair
Where dryness or a split
Gives me a deathly scare

I believe that my best feature is my jet black straight hair. I'm a narcissist when it comes to my hair and I check my hair in the mirror at least once every fifteen minutes. I've been battling PCOD since two years and the hormonal pills used for the treatment messed my hair up completely, bringing me to the brink of a nervous breakdown. I regularly oiled, shampooed and conditioned my hair, but the strong dose of hormones in the pills dried my mane out, making it look like a discarded broom! I was shattered and cut my hair short. Hair wash then became an enemy as every wash was accompanied by loss of hair. Hats and scarfs soon became my best friend as the narcissist in me began to feel embarrassed to step out. 

For 25 years I had played with my hair the way I wanted too, but now I was restricted to a slim pony hidden under a frail scarf. My self confidence went for a toss, even though health was more important than vanity. My life turned upside down as I battled weight gain and hair loss. No matter what I did, I could not reverse them. I struggled within myself as I missed the independent confident woman I once was.

That was two years ago and today I'm happily back in my wonderland. The battle with the hormones still continue but my hair had retained its lost glory! Thanks to Dove Hair Therapy I'm back to playing with my hair now. Every day!

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Freshly washed and conditioned
I'm feeling super confident today
Poker straight and glossy shine
That's my hair on a Monday

A delicate puff on the front
Settled in place with a gentle spray
Smiling wide without any worry
That's my hair on a Tuesday

A hair mask and a blow dry
For sun kissed waves that smoothly sway
I'm not bothered by the rays or the heat
That's my hair on a Wednesday

A french plait with a side braid
No spilt ends means no stray
My mane joyfully stays entwined
That's my hair on a Thursday

Ringlet curls that bounce up and down
Makes me feel all happy and gay
The curling tong no longer a foe
That's my hair on a Friday

A Grecian twist and a side bun
Perfect style with nothing to pay
Celebrating the joy of a weekend
That's my hair on a Saturday

Deep oil conditioning and a smooth wash
It seems to listen to what I say
Smelling nice and boosting confidence
That's my hair on a Sunday

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I have always wanted to feel like a star where in I'm photographed with my hair flying in all directions making me look all dreamy. I haven't done it yet, but I can now do it without any fear!

Style your hair the way you want
From dryers and straighteners do not stay away
You have your own genie in a bottle
With Dove, now come play everyday!

This is my entry for the Dove Go Play contest on Indiblogger. Watch the #DovePlay video below.

~ Soumya


  1. hey a good post! sad to hear you combating with PCOD but we in our college have been working on PCOD and have got good results, so cheer up! :) and a good poem out there...creative, playful post! all d best!

  2. It's brilliant. The poetry.. how could you write so perfectly on a topic like this!!!

    Areyyyy...I too have black straight hair which I adore the most. ^_^

    1. Thank you so much! :D

      I know, I love your hair too. I'm growing mine long now to look like yours :)

  3. May you get that click!!! I tried to get a flying hair click, got blinded by the hair coming onto my eyes!!

    Best of luck for the contest!

    1. Hahaha, I hope I don't have that problem!

      Thanks Red!

  4. wow! i shall be saving up this one!
    brilliant entry Soumya :D

  5. beautiful post Soumya..loved your poem there.

  6. Awesome as always! Loved the poem :) All the best :)

  7. A delightful poem that reminded me of my hair struggles. All the best Soumya :)

  8. Hair has always been the weak link in my chain because of genes passed along. :( Whenever I see someone having awesome hair like you, I used to sigh and say "Oh God, can't you give me half of such nice hair?". Now I have learned to accept it as certain things are the way they are. I just take care of my hair well and leave it at that.

    The poem was very nice and different. Playful post :)

    1. Oh ho! I'm so proud of you that you take care of your hair well, no matter what!

      Thank you so much! :)

  9. Oh, sorry to hear about PCOD. Take care :)

    And it's such a lovely poem. Simply beautiful!

  10. Gotta give it to you for managing to have different and neat hair styles on each day of the week. I start looking life a homeless granny after five minutes of brushing them..:P
    Good luck with the contest and ofcourse with the pic you wanna get clicked..;)

    1. Oopsie! Your hair looks wonderful in your picture here though :)

      Thank you so much!

  11. I love the structure of the poem, a stanza for each day of the week!

    You feel so much better when your hair looks sexy! :)

    1. Oh yeah, a hair style can change everything! :)

      Thank you!

  12. Good one, Soumya! Hair play for every day of the week!
    Congrats for winning :)


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