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It is what it is

There was a time when a face flashed in my mind whenever I was happy. Or sad. The same face flashed every time I went to sleep at night and was a major aspect of my dreams. That was the face that came to my mind as soon as I woke up. That was the face that brought ample smiles on my face. That face made me feel good. Feel wanted and special. This was until sometime ago. Well, nothings changed much. Nothing apart from the face.

Yes, anything and anyone is replaceable.

And in all honestly its not tough. Some things and people are meant to be forgotten. But again its not easy to forget until its been replaced. Maybe it can be done otherwise but this is how it works for me. New and improved is always better they say. No pun intended.

When my phone broke down in the middle of the road a few months back it did not take me five minutes to walk into the nearby store and pick a new one. Yeah I mourned for the old one for a few days and now that's the last thing on my mind. Or be it my white stilettos that snapped its heel only to be immediately replaced by a much better one. It happens, life moves on.

No, I'm not comparing people to materials here. But if you look at it that way, you realise that it is not entirely wrong. People come, people go. That's life. Its a pity I did not see it this way earlier. No matter what, you need to live. With whatever you have. It is not the same I agree, but in some time it will be. So I'm not complaining. People can be replaced too.

Provided you want to do that.


  1. Life is a good teacher... isn't it Soumya??

  2. I'm not sure whether people can be replaced or not, but they sure can be forgotten. You can evolve past them, no matter how diffucult it may have seemed at an earlier point. I have done it. It wasn'teasy, but it was made easier for me by the person in question. He had become so spiteful and nasty that I broke up with him, that not even for a minute did I regret my decision to break up. I still don't. By far, it's the best decision I've made in my life. Every time I feel a little down in the dumps that I ended a 3-and-a-half years relationship, I remember the abuses he had sent my way. And then I thank God and myself for having shown me good sense at the right time. :)

    And I find it more difficult to move on from material possessions than people, seriously. :/ I will grieve for days over a phone or a shoe.

  3. Hi Soumya,

    Thanks for the visit at my space. I am not sure if you have observed, but I haven't been very regular or should I say I have made myself scarce.

    About your post now, if I read it like a story then I have many reasons to applaud your style and flow. Succinct and absolutely "not" philosophical. It's easy to slip into a mode of preaching, and preach as if you have seen it all. But suggesting, that too with a dash of subtlety and well placed humor, is quite an art that kept me smiling though the meat of the matter was quite "serious".

    If I read this as an experience, then I guess it is not too tough to relate. People come and go, some leave a trail and some can leave a scar. How you would treat another one coming in your life would be, according to me, based on the experiences you've had. Or perhaps, you are too foolhardy to ignore all the experiences and risk a try again. :-)


  4. Yep people come and people go... which is why self love is the best love! ;) It makes sense to love and pamper yourself than to mourn over someone who walked out of your life.. "Provided you want to do that". It always comes down to that.

  5. Well, life is what it is, true...And, I think you said the biggest truth in your post, we can forget things only if we get a replacement. Life then becomes a moving on journey...Nicely written

  6. Is there any other way out girl? other than moving on?

    I guess not.
    How long can we count on the winds to change course when they never have in the past.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. Provided we want to do that!!

    Exactly, I do not know what do I want, sometimes we simply want to be kids and want the same broken toy back in the same shape...

  8. thats exactly right! u can mourn for a few days but one day u will have to forget the past.. so its alwayz better to move on! sometimes they say ppl can not be replaced but TRUTH remains " it is place value that holds not the face value"
    everybody lives for themselves and respect to those ppl who accept it bluntly! :)

  9. Well you can buy a new thing for money...but you can buy a new person for TIME..
    Forgetting, letting go, to forgive takes time.
    But sometimes people leave a deep mark...or happy memories or bad recollections.

  10. wow wow new laptop is lucky!i can comment on ur blog now!!I wasnt able to for last posts

  11. oh yes..parting is always tough whether it be a human, a pet or a cell phone..but life teaches us sooner or later that letting go and moving on r the mantra's to live by :)


  12. May I disagree just a wee bit? People cannot be replaced, rather they will be removed from your heart and your memory. They have this nasty habit of popping up at the wrong places sometimes, rarely though, even when they have been buried and you think they have been replaced.

    Or maybe it's the last line that explains it all, maybe you'll have to want it, for it to be replaced.

  13. I think it is a great blessing - to be able to move on. Or else think about how miserable we would all be. Sigh.

  14. Soums ...amazing you are so strong ! How i wish i can be like you..but it's not ,that's the hardest thing for me to do..once i got them , for life they are mine no matter what it takes ! very stupid indeed ! Have that conviction for life .that's nice ,you will never be in trouble !

  15. Falling outta love is as easy/hard as falling in love. But you always do end up falling outta love sooner or later... Moving on is easier than breaking up. I agree, people can be replaced, all its takes is time to erase old memories and bring on the new moments.

  16. I personally am trying to let go of a certain someone in my life. A friend of nearly 8 years. But rocky road leads me to so much pain. :) I wonder how to imagine life without this void. But I know life goes on, and maybe I will forget him.. or just this gnawing pain..

    Love how you made the connection. Sometimes it works.. :)

  17. Two lines from your write up took the cake with the icing

    1.Anything and Anyone is replaceable.
    2.Provided you want to do that.

    Is it just me or are you a closet philosopher? Do pardon the insensitivity, if any.

  18. damn right life goes on..the world's not gonna wait for anyone..


    updated mine

  19. @Prashanth,
    Oh yeah tell me about it!

    @Spaceman Spiff,
    You just need to move on milady :). Yeah, I find it more difficult to replace things than people. But then again, you get used to it.

    @Vittaldas Prabhu,
    You're welcome. That a good blog you have out there. That was a very well put compliment, so thanks :). There is a reason why they are called experiences. You try not to make mistakes again. Its not about being a coward and not trying again. But repeating risks would be called foolishness. Not everyone is King Bruce here.

    Always. For anything.

    @Saru Singhal,
    Thank you. Replacement is vital.

    No other way out. Period.

    I know. But we need to grow up sometime right?

    Be it blunt or sugar coated, truth remains the truth.

    @Red Handed,
    Residue remains I agree but when you have a fresh broth around the residue is the last thing on the mind. Call it a replacement or a dstraction. Its all the same. And God bless your new laptop :)

  20. @subtlescribbler,
    Amen to that!

    When you have a new something, the popping of an old memory hardly matters. When you want something to be replaced, the old one doesn't even come into picture. Trust me on this.

    Oh man, just imagine. I'm glad we are able to move on. Even if it took years to get there.

    Its all in the mind my dear lady. Tell yourself it doesn't matter and it wont.

    Time. The magic potion yeah. When people say it takes time, they must even mention the dose. But yeah, with time it all gets forgotten.

    It does doesn't it? :). No point dwelling in pain. Make a choice and live by it. Not that hard as you think.

    @Atrocious Scribblings,
    Thank you. I'm not any kind of philosopher. I'm just a normal girl who writes about her not so normal life. Call me anything you want, I'd still be and write the same.

    True that!

  21. You compared people with things so well, Soumz. Like really.
    I had been there too when I thought i would be unalbe to live with a crack on my mp3 player ki screen. And now, i love the way it looks.
    We learn to move on, we all learn to for go things that matter.
    Just like in people. Even if, we had been in love with them for quite a long time. We, move on.

  22. @KN.,
    Thanks Komal. No matter what, we eventually move on. Be it things or people.

  23. Soumya,

    One should always keep fond memories and erase bitter ones to be peaceful in life.

    Take care


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