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Angel in the Sky

Your smile always drove me crazy
And the waves of you black hair
Those bright eyes shone upon me
With you, my life I wanted to share

Our lives did come together
As you became my constant companion
The stars shone bright in the blue sky
Celebrating the magic of our union

Life couldn't get any better
As you held my hand and walked with me
I had been cynical about my journey
Through your eyes, its beauty I could see

Happiness was only a word
Until you stepped into my life
The myth then turned to reality
The day you became my wife

That was the last day you saw
Your heart refused to beat at night
You lay still in my parched arms
Sculpting in my mind that sight

Everything I loved was taken away
You had taught me how to live
I chose not to dwell in negativity
I now knew to accept and forgive

I promise I shall stay strong
But replace you I never will
Your eyes, your smile and your touch
Is fresh in my heart and mind still

I shall live my life for you
Will become what you wanted me to be
No emotion shall tie me down now
Enveloped by your love, I feel free

I see your wings up there everyday
I know you have learnt to fly
Always close and never far
You are now my angel in the sky

Written for The Magpie Tales: Mag 196.

~ Soumya


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