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The Ride Called Life

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It is a really funny thing this life
Shows you ups downs and flings you to the side
But one thing it does guarantee you
The beautiful destination is well worth the ride

The happiness doesn't last for ever
Nor does the period of pain and tears
Life will bend you to the extremes
Helping you shed your inhibitions and fears

Some highs may make you close your eyes
And yet your focus you mustn't lose
If you are pushed to the ground
Staying there or not you must choose

This game with cast a dizzy spell on you
May make you want to throw up at times
But if you make it past all that
You will see unicorns and hear joyful chimes

The ones on top may look down upon you
Do not worry, soon you will get there too
Help those going down stay afloat
To your conscience you better stay true

The wind shall not always work in your favor
It shall try to pull away the ground beneath you
Others will come in to crowd your space
Smile at all, but let in only a few

You can be seated anywhere in this journey
But you can choose where you want to go
You need to work hard and hold on tight
Being a mute spectator won't help you grow

As long as the ride lasts, do your bit
Fulfill dreams, laugh and fall in love
No one knows how to get off it
The operator of it is seated high above

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 298.


  1. Thank you for positivity in a poem ...

  2. Thank you sowmya for writing such a beautiful piece...some days you want to hear things like this but your head doesn't quite churn it out like you have done...very nicely written

  3. Very well written. You have captured every aspect of life, Soumya. You know what, when I saw this prompt, even I was planning to write on similar lines ;) I don't know if I have told this to you before, but I love your rhymes.

    1. Thank you dear Jyotsna :) Great minds think alike!

  4. make the journey beautiful and the destination will be enjoyable , beautiful poem ,loved it


  5. I like how you interpreted the playground to show the ups and downs of life and you did in a real and encouraging manner.

  6. Such an important fact of this thing we are in called life :)
    Happy Holiday season Soumya! :)

    1. Thank you dear Parul :)

      Happy holidays to you too!


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