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Today, Tomorrow & Everyday

I could start a fire,
With my temper flares;
You bore them silently,
Without giving me glares.
You just kissed my forehead,
And held my hand;
Oh why dint I get it then,
Why dint I understand?

Today, I'm a figure of calmth,
Only with some necessary warmth;
I hold on to my cool,
So that I don't end up a fool.
I know everyone has a point,
I've learnt to respect it;
Finally in the patient world,
I've begun to fit.

I never wanted to think,
What the other person feels;
I wanted things my way,
Not bothering if it hurts or heals.
You tried your best,
To explain things to me;
I failed to listen,
And I failed to see.

But today I understand,
Everyone feels the hurt and pain;
I don't want to be inflicting it,
I want to shower love like rain.
I see both the sides,
I accept the right when I'm wrong;
When people love the way I am today,
I cant help but feel more strong.

I could never laugh at myself,
I could never take a joke;
Yet you loved me the way I was,
And stood strong like an oak.
You did all you could,
To help me learn;
Why dint I see what you saw?
Why did I let it burn?

A good person is the one,
Who can laugh at themselves;
I've finally learnt it now,
And I feel happy like an elf.
Its always been so simple,
Yet I never believed it;
I get it all now,
Slowly, bit by bit.

You asked me to stay clear of others,
But I did not pay heed to you;
Trust me, for me they were just friends,
If they dint feel the same, what do I do?
I should have listened to your word,
Cos now I've lost my love, and my friends;
I only regret losing out on you,
And now its too late to make amends.

Today I stay on guard,
And think twice before I speak;
I clear out things on day one,
So that later it doesn't make me weak.
Today I know what you meant,
By everything that you said;
It was one hell of an eye opener,
Anyday better than anything I've read.

Maybe I had to lose you,
To be what I am today;
I was spoilt and lost then,
But today I've found my way.
This is what I always wanted to be,
Finally I've learnt to accept and see;
I'm always gonna stay this way,
For today, tomorrow and everyday.