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It never died..

I am in love!

I'm still in love.

I don't want to feel anything
I just want to go completely numb
I want to dwell in this emotionless place
If I'm out I'll surely succumb

I'm seriously hoping this is nothing
Its just this day that's mocking me
Then why am I feeling like this now
Today, its only you I want to see

Suddenly everything is about you
Your voice, your smile and your touch
I want to rush into your arms
Your hands I tightly want to clutch

I thought I was done with this
Then why this sudden memory flood
Whatever it is, get done with soon
I can't shed more tears or blood

I had made peace with myself
Everything was going on fine
Then why at least just for today
I only want you to be mine

Love was a forgotten word
Why today it means the world
Is today not just another day
Why do I feel like I'm painfully hurled

Solitude was becoming my friend
I was trying hard never to feel
Why this abrupt burst of agony
The wounds were only beginning to heal

I pray you are happy in your space
Hoping like me you don't live in a pause
Happy Valentine's Day to you, my love
The perfect half of me that never was


  1. Love n Life - are two things that cannot be thought alone of each other.

    Love is only capable of healing the wounds of Love; dare to fall in Love, it isn't a sin!

    Best Wishes :o)

  2. Thats... hmmm.. i dont know what to say...
    sad, emotional, touching... but whatever i say i guess it wont be enough to describe how you are feeling...

    Love is one complicated thing.. never leaves you alone when you want it to *sigh*

  3. No, please! Not again! Not anymore! :-|

  4. eat some chocolates :)
    love is all about the pain, i am sure u'd agree!

  5. There are unkempt emotions that we just dump in a corner of our hearts closet, thinking that as the pile will grow, they will never emerge. Yet, when the current set of emotions are gone for laundry, we cannot help but watch these old memories come alive again.
    It hurts, oh yes, it hurts because it had expectations in it. It hurts because it took away not just time, but also a part of our heart with it.
    Yet, it is only a phase that will eventually pass. Not now, but someday, there will be winds of change, and a musician taming them.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. It never died? May be it did, but the air is making it seem its alive. Vday spirit is everywhere and maybe thats the reason. Or May be not??

  7. @Prashanth, Love and life are synonyms yeah.

    But no more love for me, I've had enough. Maybe not a sin, but surely forbidden for me at present.

    @Chandana, Complicated?!? Tell me about it!

    @Chandrika, Just for that day kiddo. Was overwhelmed then, totally fine now :)

    @Aakash, I agree!

    Chocolates always work, but this time wine did too.

    @BA, I thought it was over, turns out not yet :(

    Not only a part of my heart, it took a part of me with it. Just waiting for the winds to change, I don't need a musician for now.

    @Sukanya, It was the air! Also, it will never die. Never ever.


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