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She Is Incredible

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A phone is a constant companion. For me and for everyone else, I'm sure. Gone are the days of calenders and watches, it all is present in the phone now. No more need to charge the camera battery overnight for a trip. All pics look wonderful on the phone itself and it is so easy to upload on all the social channels from there. My phone is like my best friend, always by my side, helping me do all that I have to and want to do. It is like my own portable diary that I always carry with me and note down points from everywhere. I have customized my phone apps to suit my taste and currently, I can do almost everything on my phone. But does my phone keep me safe? I have spend twenty thousand rupees on my phone, but it is not gonna prevent me from getting harmed. Or will it?

Considering the fact that technology can almost do everything now, and since Kareena Kapoor Khan is also endorsing the safety 'VithU' app, is a phone enough to keep one safe? Of course, Mrs. Khan has about four bodyguards to take care of her the minute the steps out of her mansion. But what about normal regular people like you and me? Is an app enough to ensure our safety? Could the rape of the six year old school kid from Bangalore be averted if she had a smart phone with this safety app? I guess not. So if I could have the power to give my smart phone a super power, I would like my smart phone to turn into a super woman, to protect me from the dangers around. This is how my 'She Is Incredible' phone would work.

See What Others Can't See

Thanks to this super power, my phone can now see what others and even I cannot. This phone would now be able to see the lecherous looks of some men around and turn into a super woman to fight them if they try something nasty. This phone can see where I am, even if the phone is not with me and get to me immediately in case of a concern. This phone can even foresee dangers and prevent me from taking the path, while showing me another route to get to my destination. In case I still choose to go the way I want to, she will come out and fight the potential villain and save me. 

Feel What Others Can't Feel 

This phone can now feel and understand the difference in emotions. If I get angry, this phone will sense it and try to understand why am I turning red. If it is because of someone else, she will come out and try to reason with the opposite party. If I feel fear, she will sense it and envelop me with her halo so that no matter what happens nothing and no one can get to me. If someone tries to mess with me when I am away from her, she will get there within seconds and save me like a knight in shining armor. 

Do What Others Can't Do 

She is a genius person. Since she can see and feel what others can't, she is already much ahead in the game. If there is impending doom, she would have sensed and fixed it much before I get to it. She has the power to do anything and everything to keep me safe. To any extent. She can save me from potential rapists, thieves and killers by getting me out of there and dragging them to prison. She is worshiped like how Gotham worships Batman. The cops know her and applaud her strength and humanity. 

Just imagine if all of our phones had such a super power, how peaceful the world would be. The recent rapes are reaching a new high and no matter how much you want to stay safe, you never know what can happen to you the next minute. So wouldn't it be awesome to have our own Terminator within our phone so that we are free from stress and tension and can step out wearing whatever we want without the fear of getting groped. The 'She Is Incredible' phone can turn into a super woman when danger lurks. She can bring the tormentor to the ground and make him rot in prison for life. She is the perfect incarnation of Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga. She symbolizes womanhood and the strength behind it. She is enough to show the men around that it is not easy to mess with the life of a woman. She shall prove to men that a woman is no less in strength. She shall show everyone around that she is incredible. You no longer have to go in search of the incredible, she will be right by your side. Always.

There is only one thing that comes close to being her. This thing can 'See What Others Can't See' with an advanced 13MP HD camera and a 6 inch HD display. It can 'Feel What Others Can't Feel' with glove touch and a long battery life. It can 'Do What Others Can't Do' with an inviting clean layout, vivid color themes animations and intelligent functionality. It has an impressive performance powered by an Intel® Atom™ Processor with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology. With up to four threads running at once, web pages download fast, and users can quickly and seamlessly switch between apps. This is the incredible ASUS ZenFone.

This is my entry for the 'In Search Of Incredible' contest on Indiblogger in association with ASUS.


  1. The apt superpower indeed! Within the increasing cases of violence against women such a superpower wouldn't make life a little more safe. Nicely written Soumya :)

    1. I think you meant would make life :)

      Thank you!

  2. I like the way this post unveils itself, should be easy for the judges to take out the crux. All the best!


  3. Now you've gone and made it sound like something all of us should invest in :)

  4. What wouldn't I give to have a phone like that now!

  5. What an amazing post! Really, if our phones could do all of that, incredible!! :D All the best!

  6. A phone like this would make the world a better and happier place.


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