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The Other Woman

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Suraj dressed up as quickly as he could. He looked around the room for his pants which were now tossed across the room. Shipra lay spread out naked on the bed, with the satin golden bed sheet wrapped around her haphazardly. How much he loved her body. She did miraculous things to him and he was thrilled to have had a piece of her. Having met her at a social gathering, he had fallen deeply in lust for her. And unfortunately for her, she had fallen in love with him. Once he was done, he walked up to her and kissed her passionately.

I’ll see you tonight then?” She asks cupping his face.

No, this is it. I’m not coming back.” He picks up his bag.

She jumps out of the bed startled, totally oblivious of her naked frame. Suraj admires her body yet again. It had been more than a year since he owned every bit of her, and yet he wanted more. But his wretched wife had come to know about his affair and was threatening to leave him. It would not do well to his image in the society if this news came out. He had no choice but to let go off this beauty.

What are you saying?” Shipra blurts out.

My wife found out. I can’t do this anymore.”

No, you cannot leave me like this. I love you Suraj, you know that.” She hugs him tight.

The smell of her made him go crazy. And before he knew it, he was peeling off his clothes again and pouncing on her, pushing her into the sheets. Thirty minutes later, he bid a goodbye and walked away. Forever.

Suraj arrived home just before 9 am. His wife was already up and sitting at the table for breakfast. She was fully dressed and looked very pretty. Suraj smiles.

Looking gorgeous darling!” He bent down to kiss her.

She gives him a disgusted look and pushes him away.

How dare you, Suraj. You stay away all night and now you do this.” She looks at him in the eye.

I was at work Neha, I was in meetings all night with the clients.”

I know what your meetings are. I’m leaving, Suraj. I need a divorce.” She stands up.

Suraj stares at her with fear in his eye.

I’m sorry Neha. I told you I’ll leave her and I did. It is only you in my life now, please don’t do this.” He chokes.

It’s not that. I have somebody else in my life now and I want to move on with him. I need a divorce at any cost.” Her voice is firm and clear.

You…. That is why you want a divorce? After making me feel so guilty for having an affair, while you yourself were having one?” He spat out.

Oh, you shouldn’t judge me Suraj. I did the same thing you did. Clearly we cannot stay together, I’m leaving.” She says and walks away with her luggage in tow.

Suraj grabs his car keys and rushes to go meet Shipra. He can be all hers now. He drives as quickly as he can, to reach her place. He finds the door open and sees her clothes strewn across the floor. He smiles, maybe she was expecting him after all. Not finding her in the room, he looks around the house and hears the flow of water in the bathroom. The door is unlocked and he opens the door wide with a huge smile on his face. The color on his face drains out as he sees his mistress’s limp body in the tub with her wrists slashed.

Strangely, it was the other woman who had remained loyal throughout.


  1. I can't help but smile at the irony. People are not all that they seem, right? Loved it, Soumya! :)

  2. that was tragic...and how guileless of the guy to ping pong across like that! atleast the women were loyal to someone...he wasn't to either..and thats a shame! great read Sowmya!

  3. As long as there is love, there is loyalty. Lust can make you switch sides easily. A nice read :)

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  5. Wow great story!, Spicy Saturday brought me here, I was not expecting this rollercoaster ride of emotions, you have talent!

    1. Thank you so much cmvt! I'm glad it got you here :)

  6. What an irony! Nice read, Soumya.

  7. Such an ass!! First he cheated. And then he didn't understand who loves him more. I have no sympathy for such men.

  8. What an irony! Anyway, he didn't deserve the love from either of them!

  9. Oh... Kahaani mein twist...
    And I really enjoyed it...
    Very nice one Soumya :)

  10. did not deserve it did he .. it is sad that we lose those who love us while we look for those who dont ..



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