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She Sits Alone

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I sit here with a cup in my hand
Looking into oblivion, but not lost
I am at peace as I do this
This gives me happiness at zero cost

Sometimes I do read a book
As I enjoy my cup of tea
I like that no one disturbs me
When I come here, they let me be

I do sketch at times if I feel like it
That's the beauty of this place
I have so many memories here of myself
So precious that I can't erase

I am myself when I come here
No facade and with nothing to care
It is just my thoughts and I
As the wind slowly caresses my hair

I breathe this fresh air everyday
As people rush around me in haste
This is always the best part of my day
I don't know why others let it go waste

This time that I spend by myself
For the rest of the day, keeps me sane
It is just me and nothingness
But in return a lot I gain

I go back to my busy life
But I leave a part of me here
People judge me that I know
But this to me is very dear

They look at me sadly
They think I'm a lonely soul
What they don't know is that
This is what makes me whole

No one here talks to me
I've heard whispers of "She sits alone"
They shall never realize that
It is here, my happiness I've sown


  1. Sometimes being alone is good. Alone 'me' time is perfect - I feel more so, after I became a parent :P

    1. Me time is an absolute necessity for me.

      Gosh, you give me way too many reasons to not have children :P

  2. Solitude and silence do teach a lot.Nicely penned!

  3. I solitude and silence we find ourselves. Loved this poem.

  4. Solitude is happiness. Lovely poem, Soumya !!!

  5. Reconnecting with ourselves is very essential, badly sadly we are so connected to technology we are losing touch with ourselves.
    Very well written, Soumya. Particularly love these lines;
    This time that I spend by myself
    For the rest of the day, keeps me sane
    It is just me and nothingness
    But in return a lot I gain

    1. Oh yes Mayuri. People are forgetting that we lived better when we had no technology and only time in our hands.

      Thank you so much :)

  6. That's a perfect description to how some alone time can heal us!

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