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Fire & Ice

Screw the patience. If I hurt you, believe you me, you asked for it.

If I appear cold, that's only because you don't seem worthy enough of my reaction.

Last night, I just asked myself as to when was I the happiest? 5 years ago was the reply. Now that that part of happiness has been flushed down the drain I chose to ignore it. Memories bring back a lot of pain, loads of it. I just realised that it hurt less to not care. So here we are.

I again asked myself when was I the happiest? This time the reply was 'Always, until the last 3 years'. That meant I was happy even before the last 5 years. Oh hell, yes I was. So lets go back there.

I was immature, short tempered, spoilt, arrogant and probably everything that I am not now. But still, I was happy then. Really really happy. That's all I want now. Even if it means me going back to the old me.

The tamed lioness is always called a faithful bitch. I somehow prefer the fierce tyrant I was. I'd rather spew fire than shed tears. Whatever works for me. A purring lioness is equivalent to a domestic kitten. Naah, time for some serious growling now.


  1. ha.. i know! rather spew fire than shed tears!!

  2. go go go... be your brilliant self...
    be happy and you will go lucky...sometimes its good to take a u-turn in life...

  3. @Crazy Diamond, u agree too right?!

    @Rolling Stone, Thank you! Yes, you just need to take the right turn..


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