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I like it simple

Today, just as I stepped out from bed I sensed that something is not right. Sleepy eyed as I fumbled for my bedroom slippers under my bed, there it came, crushing one nerve of mine at a time. The dreaded migraine attack. Gosh, after more than 3 months it was back again to collapse me. Then came a sedating pill and off I went back to sleep after texting my lead that I won't be coming in to work.

8 hours later..

The last thing that I expected from today was a smile. But there it was waiting for me on my phone as I woke up feeling utterly dazed. So many texts and calls from friends and colleagues asking me how I was and some genuine miss you's too. I don't know how the word spread, but all this made me feel real nice. A man I almost hate, called me up randomly. I was surprised on seeing his name flash on my phone. When I picked up he just said one thing, "Soumya, are you alright? I just thought of you and sensed something is wrong". Its weird how such little gestures can liven you up.

I have realised something recently. I have summarised the things I do into four areas. Talk, shop, drink and think. I stick to the first three as much as possible only to escape the last one. Drink has taken a back seat too, thanks to love. So I'm not left with much choices now. After talking to almost all of my friends I felt rejuvenated. These people are seriously my lifelines and I can't help but want to count my blessings. I've also sorted out things with my best friend now and so I'm a little on the higher side. Another friend called me a million times to make sure that I was doing fine. Why I can't fall in love with such men is one thing I fail to reckon.

In order to cheer myself up I went out shopping after a quick dash to the hospital. And boy, did I shop! And so, now, we are the proud owners of 6 more pairs of shoes, brand new aviator glasses and uncountable number of clothes. Woohoo. This is all I need from life. Simple, ain't it? Awesome, crazy friends, some money to shop, a boy to love, a job to die for and a closet filled with clothes and shoes. Well I'm getting close to having it all. Well, almost.

I like the new template. Black and white. It emphasises the way I see life and the moon and stars clearly indicate that I'm so not a day person. Night's the life for me. The lioness seems to have the alter ego of an owl ;)

I've been trying to get the minima black template for my blog. The 2 column one. That was the first ever template I used and I have failed to find it anywhere online. If anyone has it please please do mail it to me at Also since this template is new if anyone is having any problem posting comments please do let me know at the same email address.

That's about it for now. Heading back to the simple life with a simple smile :)


  1. Trust me you'll fall in love with the right guy one day! Deserving people get what they want.. and so will you :)
    You really have a great bunch of friends...
    and 6 more pairs of shoes... you lucky girl!

  2. WHy you cant love such men..well such are the vagaries of the heart

  3. Isn't it in bad times that real people show up. Consider it to be a curtain raiser on these people's mystery.
    BTW, do you hate your boss or was it someone else who called up :P :D


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Chandana, Well maybe someday love will happen again. Friends yes, can't imagine life without them. Nothing can cheer me up more than a new pair of shoes. But this time I'm six times happier :)

    @Rajita, Sigh tell me about it! Its begun to change now, maybe someday I'll succeed.

    @BA, Curtain raiser indeed! I seriously dint know half these people existed until then :P. Hahaha, not the boss this time ;)


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