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Just some things I want to say

Sometimes everyone wants to be loved and needed. Particularly by the one who just left us.

There are no problems that cannot be fixed. Some people are the ones who are beyond repair.

Unless you have had your heart broken and shredded to tiny sharp shards, you won't even realise that it's there.

When I first met him I looked for a lot of reasons to justify being with him. Today, I can't seem to find one reason to not be with him.

Hope is a funny thing. So funny that at times it makes you want to cry.

Its so scary that my future is intricately linked to uncertainty.

I'm not looking for answers or solutions. I just want someone to distract me from this crap for a while.

If only I could reach out to my skull and pull out this mulch bag titled memories.

I now seem to be allergic to the miasma of love.

I probably need to take a blither approach to life.

Sometimes the more you know about others, the lesser you want to reveal about yourself.

Its very important for people to know that as they are taking time deciding something, there is someone out there patiently waiting for the answer.

Life can and never will be smooth sailing.

I'm much stronger than I thought I could possibly be.

Paths always cross. Its up to us to decide if we want to move forward or not.

Some truths are better left buried. Deep.

I'm an eternal optimist. I'll fight until God gives up.

If this is the end, I'll never want to look into your eyes again.


  1. Hard facts of life and love...

    And ya... its only when you hit rock bottom that you realise how strong you are..
    But seriously i admire your attitute!

    "I'll fight until God gives up"

  2. Lessons learnt in time, and valid realizations shared.

    Interesting post, but being an optimist should not mean you turn a blind eye to the negative possibilities, but invest in something called disaster management. Something to help you to bail out of troubled times. (example could be to bury a bottle of wine somewhere, they say the oldest is the finest, but then I myself would be telling you the side effects of drinking, so lets trash this idea.) But yeah, do invest in disaster management remedy. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @Chandana, Thanks babe!
    Seriously, you tend to be strong when that's the only option you have left.

    @BA, Its seriously scary how you understand me through a damned blog!

    Disaster management first thing on the list now! ;)



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