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Everyone's fighting a battle

Life's outrageously funny.

I'm just back from a short trip down to Hampi with a few of my office mates. It was a good trip, but all I remember from it is drinking, posing for snaps and the unbearable heat. But what I'm most glad about is what I learnt about people during my 2 day stint out there. Not all of us lead a perfect life, and I was proved right.

Everybody is fighting a battle.

Some with others, some with life and some like me, with themselves. As I lay awake on the top berth of the train a million thoughts flooded my mind. People are different. And each one of them is fighting something in their own way. I found out how a casanova can sometimes be a loner, how an outspoken man can be so shallow inside, how a woman can crave for male attention to satiate her growing age and inferiority complex, how an overtly committed man can be so perverted, how a misanthrope is secretly looking for love in all the wrong places, how a relationship can go from friendship to anonymous, how a woman is thinking of excuses to break his heart, how a guy is hoping for his friend to love him, how a mother is looking at her child and then at her out of shape body, how a guy is desperately trying to make himself believe that he does not love the girl he loved for years anymore, how a young woman refuses to acknowledge the fact that she still is love with the past and how a girl is trying to fight herself to avoid looking back.

Everyone is trying to go back and undo some parts of their life. Everyone wants to burn down some pages of their tale. Everyone wishes that some things had never happened. Everyone cries.

Yes, everyone is fighting a hard battle inside.


  1. Absolutely, Soumya!

    I always think, why you get so much disturbed with things which are so very common in anyone's life.

    Call it a battle or take it as a challenge, Life always has something in it for all. The only difference is how we manage to live it :o)

  2. I so agree...

    Fighting with our lives.....and ourselves......

    All we need is peace..

  3. True... Some are courageous enough to talk about it, some are not. But we all deal with it and emerge as winners in the end :)
    Cheers to all the warriors!

  4. my dear, almost none of us are living a perfect life :-). If it comes even close to perfection, we should thank our stars to no end :)

  5. Soums this piece is so so true. Everyone has a story to tell ...that's why no way for us to judge others we we don't know what one have undergone..and were not there to lend a hand during his toughest battle.

  6. There is an old saying, never advertise your sorrows in a place that holds no market for them.

    And by doing so, i.e. by not advertising, who knows someone might make you his or her inspiration of dealing wit things. :) Now you won't mind being an inspiration, would you?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. The fact that you see people around you...and i mean really see them and see through what they are going commendable...coz sometimes all we need around us are people who see us..people who knew how hard we were trying even if we didn't make it in the end..people who knew we were fighters..people who will tell our story.

    this piece is beautiful.

  8. @Prashanth,
    I know it now. I'm managing to live in my own way and so far succeeding :)

    Peace indeed.


    Oh yeah tell me about it. I'm just glad to be alive for now :)

    Yes, its always a secret battle within oneself. Most of us manage to win thankfully.

    I wouldn't :). You always manage to teach me something new, thanks.

    @hopelessly flawed,
    Thank you so much. Nobody would know it but us. We just need to know our story that's it.


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