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Is this Love?

I wake up thinking of you
I can smell you all around
Do you think this is love
Cos you make my world go round

I see your pretty face
Everywhere, then and now
I want to keep seeing it
Seriously, is this love

I long for your presence
More than you can ever think
I don't know if this is love
But, I feel you with every blink

You look at another woman
Envy then seems to shove
I want your looks just for me
Please tell me, is this love

When you hold my hands
Its an enormous thrill
Is this what is love
Without you I feel nil

I don't know what you're thinking
At times everything goes above
I'm so lost in your eyes
Do you think this is love

I want to fight for you
Hell with the peace and the dove
I just want you for myself
Tell me if this is love

Do I have the strength to sail through
What If I turn this to dust
If this actually is love
This word, can I trust

I don't want to feel this way
I want these feelings to drop
If this is what is love
I sure want it to stop


  1. I could relate to each word....

    Yes...You're in love...

  2. Soums ,a poetry coming from with in , so true and so real ! Shall i tell you? Yessssss that's real and that's LOVE.

  3. Why would you want it to stop? Take the risk. :) Its worth it.

  4. Soums, yes you are in love.Love is a such a wonderful feeling! Stay in love just but be extra careful. Emotional investment is never a joke!

  5. It must be love. :D

    Nice write up, but is this just these lines or you are really confused?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @Felicity,
    It is? Thanks :)

    I'm glad you could. Maybe its love, but its not about me.

    Thank you so much but the peom is not about me. Its just about a mood and random words. Trust me if I fall in love, I'd never question myself about it :)

    It sure is. When the time comes and love happens, I will.

    Only you seem to have got it right. Love is a topic that I'll never ever be confused about, beause I know where my feelings have been focused all the time since years. Minor distractions tend to confuse, but the destination still remains the same.
    Just lines it is :)


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