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A Lot like Love

Ages since I did an all picture post. Each of these are my personal favorites, the last one being the best of the lot.

A kiss for me, has always been the best expression of love. Its simple, easy and most importantly, safe. I love the feeling and some memories are vivid enough to give you goose bumps all over!


  1. kiss.. narrows the distance between two hearts :)

  2. Writer ,this is one of the example of an untamed forced.! For me, it's a divine thing ,beautiful..'re so loud and with no inhibitions and hypocrisy!! That's a real woman ..empowered!

  3. Writer thanks for following me ,am ashamed am nobody compared to your writing skills..hahaha..but i am really so thankful i was able to bump in your blog.

  4. Seductive Kisss......ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  5. My personal favorite is the one with the sea in the background... :)

  6. @Rachit,
    True :)


    Haha loud? Real woman? Geez, Thank you so much!
    I loved your blog too :)

    Ooooohhh :D

    Nice pick :)


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