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Strangers in the Night

There sat a group of 10 to 12 people, drinking and laughing. It was a perfect atmosphere with the faint moon lit sky and the smooth breeze. They seemed to be lost in themselves talking and making merry. She sat there stirring her drink way too often. She could feel his gaze on her, but she chose to ignore it playfully. She gave a quick glance towards his side and he gave an angry smirk. He hated it when she sat so far away from him. Way out of his reach. Made him insecure. He felt that it meant that she was slipping away from him.

He angrily gulped down his drink. The crowd seemed oblivious to the silent interactions between these two. She leaned forward and reached for his hand. He held it tight and looked right into her eyes. She couldn't get her eyes off him. He looked gorgeous in the faint light. But they were friends. Just friends, just the way she had insisted. But the churning of feelings from the past few days were troubling her. Him too. It was very clear as he squeezed her hand in frustration. She gave him a look that told him to relax. He smiled and took the cigarette from her hand. She blew her residue smoke right onto him. He smiled more now and gestured her to go out with him.

The crowd was caught up in some busy discussion, as he left abruptly. She suddenly seemed really conscious, hoping that nobody would notice when she leaves too. On the pretext of lighting a smoke she left the group, slowly dragging herself to the zone where the only light was that of the stars. He stood there waiting for her and smiled when he saw her. He winked at her telling that she looked beautiful tonight. Now she smiled as she took in a drag and walked towards him.

There wasn't much room in that small place they stood. The music was still heard as they came close. He took the golden stick from her and burned it out. She gave him a shocked look. He had never done that before. He pulled her close by her waist. His touch through her thin black dress sent shivers down her spine. She rested her arms around his shoulders without thinking. Suddenly stereo love filled in the air. It was their song. Both smiled as they squeezed each other. He did not let her go, she did not want him to. Both stood there soaking in each other. It was one of the most beautiful feelings ever. But they were friends, what was happening out here?

When this realisation struck her, she withdrew herself from him. He seemed displeased as he saw the confused look on her face. Her face read that this was not right, but she knew that it felt right. He now pulled her by her cheeks and pushed her hair back gently. He ran his fingers outlining her lips and she began to lose herself. Her mind was telling her to back off but her heart did not seem to be listening. He came close and kissed her lightly. When she did not pull back he went in deep. She knew he was a passionate animal, and he had just proved it. He held on to her close as she ran her fingers through his silky tresses. He leaned on more towards her and held her close and tight as if never wanting to let her go. She did not want this moment to stop. It was perfect.

The realisation dawned on both of them at the same time. They were no longer friends. She let go of him slowly, but he wouldn't leave her lips. She had to push him away and he gave a sad moan. She smiled and winked at him, then walked away towards the group. He followed her slowly. They sat together now holding hands. He smiled, she ignored him. Her mind was working fast. What was happening? The friendship was surely ruined. What was he now? No, she did not love him as yet. But she enjoyed everything that happened. She wanted it to happen again. Why?

She stood up and went and sat on the other side. He seemed confused and hurt. She sat in front of him and gave him a look asking as to what happened. His smile told her that he loved her. She'd known that for quite a while now. The next sly smile asked him if she loved him too. She smiled and shook her head, and he laughed out loud. The entire group turned towards him asking what was it. She got angry and gave him a warning look. He said nothing and got involved in their conversation. She sat there looking at him, going back to what had happened. He was no longer a friend. How did this happen? How did this beautiful thing in front of her suddenly turn into a stranger?


  1. can you resist reading such a passionate , beautiful write ups....really very nice!!! Writer you moved the reader!!! Love is's an untamed force.

  2. Interesting read..all fiction? :)

  3. Lushly romantic. It was as subtle as it was powerful. Loved it. :)

  4. It might be hard to be lovers
    But it's harder to be friends
    Baby, pull down the covers
    It's time you let me in
    Maybe light a couple candles
    I'll just go ahead and lock the door
    If you just talk to me baby
    Till we ain't strangers anymore

    It was just the beginning, an initiation. =)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. passion, romance and confusion... 3 ingredients of a relationship
    Superbly penned


  6. i was hooked from the first word to the last! Awesome! very passionate!

  7. @Angel,
    Thank you so much. Untamed force! Tell me about it.

    Thank you. Most of it, yes :)

    Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.

    Loved the verse, simply beautiful. Initiation perhaps. You think she should go ahead? :)

    Nice to see you're back here. Thank you :)

    Haha well said. Thank you so much.

    Thank you so much!

  8. This is one of your best post...loved the intensity and mood of protagonists...!
    Loved it!

  9. perplexing lovely and mystically beautiful :)

  10. This so splendorous,and romantic.I just drowned in this post.You are a real writer.I just dropped by and like your blog.
    I'd surely be back if you promise such alluring posts in future too.>;p

    *Following ya now*

  11. @Mansi,
    Thank you so much babe!

    Thank you so much :)

    @Hamza Bin ladin,
    That was quite a compliment! Thank you so much. You'll be back I know :). Thanks for following, won't disappoint you!!

  12. Ms Writer, what's your fbook account and twiterr accounts ? want to follow you there if given the chance...Thanks.

  13. tell me its incomplete by itself! this was pretty darn good but come on! give us more!!! :)


  14. @Angel,
    I'm not on twitter, but you can find me on facebook with the name Soumya Prasad.

    Will complete it soon, I promise! :)
    Hey, and welcome to my blog.

  15. It felt like I was watching a movie and not reading some text...
    You are simply amazing!!!
    Love the way you write...


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