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Understanding Basics

You know that its going to be a good day when you wake up with a smile thinking about the conversation you had with a special someone just before drifting off to sleep. Sigh, life's super good. No complaints, no demands. I know I've not been able to write more often these days. What to do, I happen to have a very busy work life and a way too adventurous personal life. Its a pity that I'm not jobless on a Sunday morning to sit and lash out on other people and count the number of posts a fellow blogger has written on a certain topic. Anyway since writing about their life is not getting them any comments or followers this sure is a desperate and easy way to get some. It probably would have helped if they had the sense to see the number next to the tag instead. But now that they lead a boring life I'm sure they'd do anything to kill time.

Well I'm here today and I happen to see that my beloved LOL has crossed a 60,000 views and has more than 150 followers. Woohoo, am I glad or am I glad. Its nice to feel appreciated. Really nice. Appreciation is a kind of feeling that is a catalyst for living. Its gives you a much needed boost every single time. Its a different and worthwhile feeling. Its sad that some people would never understand that. Also, there are a lot of other feelings which not everyone can comprehend.

Lets take the basic example of love. How hard is it to understand that. Well not to a full extent but obviously most of us have a clue about what it can be. I'm not talking about love between a guy and a girl here. All kinds. Now I'll tell you the kind of people who will never understand the concept of love no matter what. If your foster parents picked you up a stinky roadside garbage bin and have treated you like filth ever since, there is no way you would understand what love is. After all, you can only understand what you see or get right? They say that people who have no clue about their actual bloodline turn out to be demented. Seems about right. If you are enduring the tortures of your so called boyfriend eyeing his riches, then there is no way you can understand the emotion called love. If you are living in with an ugly middle aged man hoping that someday he will take you up the corporate ladder, then love definitely doesn't exist in your dictionary. While we are at it, so doesn't self respect.

Next comes my recently favorite sin, lust. Very few people get this and it is more often than not mistaken for love. The usual people who don't get this are the ones who are anything but attractive. To feel or understand lust, you need to be attractive or atleast be surrounded by attractive people. If you are shacking up with an old squint guy then there is no way you can begin to understand lust. If you claim to be a virgin mary and look at guys only like a bread winner of the family, lust would be the last thing on your mind. Lust for money might sound appealing to such people. When induced in the right amounts and if you are not crossing the line of ethical morals, lust can be magical.

Hate is the emotion I feel strongly about and for a very few people. If you are being hated there is a rhyme and reason for it. There is no pride in walking with your head held high knowing that everyone around hates you for a very valid reason. If you are right, hold on to the so called pride. Else it is called nothing but living in denial. If you don't like being hated then do something about it. If you do like it, then well you sure as hell deserve it.

Envy too is a very common emotion and is prevalent in all. I've always believed in, if you have it flaunt it. Most people who feel jealous about others are the ones who feel they lack something. Ofcourse I get envious too. But I don't blame people because they have something that I don't. Not everyone are blessed with the same resources. Its about how you handle what you have got. Simple. Healthy jealousy is good, gives you something to work on. But turning green eyed and cursing someone because you don't have it sounds like you suffer from a serious case of inferiority complex.

These basic emotions if present in the right doses can make living life a smooth chore.

Its nice to be back. I definitely did miss this place.


  1. I totally missed you girl. I adore reading your conversations and its so refreshing. Its a shame you do not post more often. You must I say.

    And I think I know which blog you talkin about...never mind :-) Let people cry foul. Congrats on 60K.

    Welcome back...stay blessed and stay loved.
    Chintu Singh

  2. Congratulations...:) You described the basic emotions beautifully. Envy and Lust are my favorite topic to discuss. It brings out both good and bad in someone and that too very easily...

  3. A good read and nice analysis of emotions!

  4. I am pretty darn sure I fall in the 'anything but attractive' category..:-P Coz I found your entire post very well and coherently articulated except the lust part..:-D

  5. good post! But i guess understanding and defining emotions is beyond the realms of human mind..for different people have different opinions and experiences attached to it!


  6. Good to have you back!!

    I sense brewed trouble; what with the comment on my blog and the mini-rant in the first paragraph!! -_- Bothering you, something?

    Lust is satisfying but guilt-ridden, envy is plain destructive and love is, well, just love.
    Thinking about it, they DO oil the wheels of life into a smooth transition.

  7. I am a new follower:) like your blog ;D
    I guess out of the seven deadly sins, I am envy.

  8. Umm because of my obsessive curiosity disorder i am wanting to ask you who is it that you mentioned in the first para and who is it that you have grown to hate. Now that is said, i loved the way you described the most basic of all emotions. ENVY and LOVE are soul sisters i guess and lust is their best friend.

    Glad to have you back.

  9. @Chintu,
    Aww I missed this place too. Now that I'm back, I'll stay. You do? People can do whatever they want and so will I :)

    Thank you so much my love. Hugs!

    @Saru Singhal,
    Thank you :). Lust and envy are amazing. It brings out sides of you that you never thought existed.

    @Rahul Bhatia,
    Thank you and welcome!

    Well you answered it yourself :P. Welcome to my space :)

    I guess so. But this is my take on how I see emotions.

    Thinking still?

    Thank you, its nice to be back. Life is all about emotions and how much to allow them into it. I spoke to you about the rest :)

    Heya! Thanks for visiting :). Envy is awesome :)

    Who? Naah, let leave it at that. Everyone has opinions and we cant do anything about it. Thank you Red, its always nice to get a comment from you.

  10. Many congratulations on the milestone.

    You have beautifully explored for four deep emotions. Looking forward for many more.

  11. I missed you and I seemed to have missed this post. :|

    I love it. I have been envious of lots of people off late. So I get the drift. I love how so many people can relate to your posts. (hence the huge visits and followers) :)

    Love having you back. do stay :)

  12. I see the comments that people are welcoming you back but I didn't realize that you went missing :/

    Perhaps, I went missing as a reader from this blogspace for a while :/

    Anyways, so I welcome myself back and you as well :)

    And about the post, as usual, uninhibited, frank description of personal thoughts.

  13. 60K..congrats..would love to see you more often..and is should have seen your blog earlier..lets say, its better late than never :)

  14. Ops who tickled the dragon (Lioness)?? That was damaging one ;-)

  15. @Vyankatesh,
    Thank you :)

    Thank you so much lady :)

    You went missing too? Welcome back then :). Thank you.

    Thank you and welcome :)

    It was. But dogs bark and the lioness growls, we all know that :)

  16. no words... js... maza aa gaya ... hey hope u ok

  17. @Bhargav,
    I'm super fine, Thanks :)

  18. A well expressed post.. (Of course, as usual ;))

    //The usual people who don't get this are the ones who are anything but attractive. To feel or understand lust, you need to be attractive or atleast be surrounded by attractive people - This is a strong statement, my lioness. Even people who are not attractive get (or most importantly, DESERVE) their share of lust. After-all, it's a basic part of nature, Ugly or not, people have their own feelings and they try their best to express/enjoy them.

    //Not everyone are blessed with the same resources. Its about how you handle what you have got. Simple - Just loved this statement ! So damn true ! Mature girl you are huh ;)

  19. @Stranger !,
    Thank you :)

    I have my own point of view, and you have yours. I respect both.

    I am, thanks :)


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