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Love Will Find You

Action Figures by Edith Vonnegut

It is not about how you look
It is all about how you feel
Love is known to break you apart
It is also known to heal

This emotion can drive you nuts
As well as bring you extreme joy
It can consume you totally
It also has the power to destroy

They say that love is blind
It can rob your other senses too
While you are basking in the colors
You will never notice the impending blue

Every form of it is precious
You may not realize it now
But you sure will be lucky
If cupid finds you with his bow

You cannot escape this feeling
It is present all around
Be careful whom you share it with
You do not want to feel all bound

You can hide where ever you want
Lock yourself inside with a pet
What you do not know is
With his arrow, cupid is all set

With colored wings it shall come
It shall strike only a few
You can run, you can abscond
But one day, love will find you

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 257.


  1. Yup! I agree!!! Love happens to everyone!!! One day or the other :)

  2. It's just a matter of time :) No one can claim that they have never been in love. It just means their turn is yet to come!

  3. "With coloured wings it shall come... " So true...Lovely words soumya.

  4. Lovely poem :) There is no escape from love!

  5. I hope that day is soon

    beautiful romatic poem

    i do believe love is beautiful it is LOVE ..



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