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Vanilla Sky

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Looking back at life I see
All the ups and downs I've been through
Each situation was a lesson learnt
Every picture was a line I drew

Nothing came easy to me
I had to work hard to rise
There are no free lunches here
Everything came at a price

But I held strong and moved on
Shedding unwanted baggage on the way
It was hard but not impossible
In my life only I had a say

People cursed and pointed fingers
I did not turn to look back
Their colors were too loud for me
I stood by my white and black

It has always been this or that
I have never known the ugly grey
I do not seek any middle ground
My life has no room for others play

With eyes closed, I take a deep breath
I know I am all that I need
I shall take the hard way up
Instead of giving up I choose to bleed

I march ahead with hope and faith
Butterfly wings, learning to fly
Nothing is going to hold me back
From soaring high in the vanilla sky

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 255.


  1. This is the best inspirational poetry I have read :) To be a woman is a privilege by these standards!


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