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The Lovebox #lunchboxANDyou

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My husband is a super foodie and is one of the most popular food bloggers in the city. Yes, I'm gloating! Everything for him revolves around food and thankfully for him I'm passionate about food too else I would have thought that he was a gluttony maniac. Almost all our conversations are driven around food and since I love cooking and baking, he is the perfect companion for me in every possible way. We love cooking together and travelling around the city in search of hidden nooks that serve some of the most delicious food. My husband is someone who is very passionate about the things he does and respects the things that are important to me. It is never about him or me, it has always been about us. In about two years of being married, he has relished every morsel that I have prepared and assisted me in preparing some too. He is the most important person in my life and is my most favorite person on this planet. I was a narcissist, but he converted me. He came into my life when I had almost given up on love. He helped me heal and waited for me without expecting anything in return. He is the center of every emotion that I feel within myself. He is the center of my being and my reason to breathe and survive. I love him more than anything else and I cannot imagine life without him. 

Food and its forms have always been a very integral part of our lives. He is a vegetarian and is proud of it. I'm a non-vegetarian who cannot get past a day without eating meat. Together we co-exist beautifully. He doesn't restrict me and I absolutely love him for that. We go to veg only places and then later visit a steak house, or the other way round. That's how our life has been and always will be. No compromises when it comes to food. Be it a spicy Punjabi curry or some plain old chaat. We relish everything together and express our views about it. I was never a sweet/dessert person until I met him. For me spice is the key, while sugar is the lock for him. After meeting him, I have begun enjoying sweets too. Cakes, pastries and anything with chocolate is his favorite. He is absolutely crazy about the choco lava cake, with extra chocolate syrup and preferably with ice cream. Another absolute favorite of his is the coffee laced tiramisu. He loves the contrast between the soft mascarpone cheese layer and kahlua soaked savoiardi biscuits. And so do I. So, if I'm sending him a lunchbox on Valentine's Day I would love to send him a freshly baked, still warm chocolate lava cake with a container of chocolate syrup to top it. The gooey chocolate center would still be warm as he eagerly tucks his spoon into it. Since I'm following the lunchbox theme, I shall have a love note inside the box as well. This is what the note would read. Rather sing.

Of all the beautiful things that I have
The best of them is you
In you I'm glad to have found
A love so pure and true

You taught me the meaning of love
I was smitten since the first date
There were no second thoughts
In you I had found my soul mate

Love is what I see in your eyes
You define the feeling in every way
Words cannot do justice
To everything that I have to say

Every old pain was washed away
We started life on a clean slate
For now, just accept this love box
Let us together drown in chocolate

'The Lunchbox' Premieres on Valentine's Day at 8 PM on &pictures.


  1. Love in the air and chocolate in your mouths, you guys make one romantic couple :)

  2. right i want to know what blog is that :) I want all those recipes , as he has you in love with him .. MAY be i can steal some from him he he he he he he :) and get lucky

    God bless you both :)



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