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Keep doing what ever you want to
Good or bad, you can choose the side
You can try to escape from God
From karma, you can never hide

It is a really simple mantra
What you give is what you get
If you choose to ignore this
For downhill, you are all set

It isn't hard to be good and true
Just do what you know is right
There is no point in snatching from others
Only within yourself there should be a fight

Always treat people really well
In return you shall get the same
If you think about religion and caste
Congrats for making it to the hall of shame

Make sure you are all sorted
Before pointing a finger at another
How hard is it to mind your own business
About others you do not have to bother

Stop peeping into others homes
When your house has the biggest hole
Do not pray for the downfall of others
Remember, karma is embedded in your soul

Be selfless and true to yourself
You know the mirror shall never lie
No point in putting up that facade
You shall be stripped when you die

The truth shall always prevail
No matter how deep you have dug it
Soon the secret shall consume you
You are bound to fall into the same pit

Look at the veneer of this place
It looks so happy and nice
The truth only lies inside of it
Before you act, better think twice

Here you only get what you once gave
No one shall listen to what ever you say
One fine day you shall make it here
Look out for the board 'Karma Cafe'

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 259.


  1. Well, karma is not called a bitch for nothing...we can't hide our bad deeds from her, infact not even the good ones...As they say, as you sow so shall you reap!

  2. I solely believe in it and have never been disappointed for it's fairest of all

  3. Yeah, Karma can definitely come back and bite you in the ass! You are sending a very thoughtful message across through this poem :)

  4. yeah, its also said "what goes around, comes around"

    much love...

  5. Like the name Karma Cafe :)) We need to keep it in mind while dealing with people in life, you never know what can happen next :)

  6. oooohhh i love your poem!!! and loved these lines - "No point in putting up that facade You shall be stripped when you die!!"
    they're just so true!!! and i like how you've captured a lot of reality in your lines! i can go on n on! but ill jus sum up with my first reaction - i love your poem! :D

  7. hahaha oh my karma, i always knew you are making a list :P :D Good one here!

  8. wow!! i love your poem!! It rings so true - You cant escape Karma!
    I especially loved the lines - "No point in putting up that facade You shall be stripped when you die"
    And i also like the way youve brought in a lot of day to day reality into your poem! And with such a perfect name - Karma cafe!

  9. True that... and very well expressed....
    Cheers, Archana

  10. Nicely done....thanks for sharing

  11. True, Karma follows us all the way. Nice poem. Loved it. :)

  12. Great poem Soumya! I so believe that what you put out, you get back in return and 100-fold at least, if not more! ;) <3

  13. This is a meaningful and well written one ! Sure karma is chasing us all silently :D

  14. Karma Cafe...very clever...nicely done...

  15. Yes, I believe in karma too! This was a well-penned one, Sowmya!


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