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I'll be turning 23 next month. I love the fun part of birthdays. Friends around, new clothes, yummy food, chocolate cake and of course GIFTS!!! But at the end of the day, I turn a year old. This is something which has upset me right from the day I got out of my teens. I don't know why people would like to celebrate the fact that they are growing old. Its not that I'm obsessed with growing old. Its just that I feel sad to be leaving behind my previous age. The fact that there are so many other people who have accomplished much more than me at my age, only adds to the gloom.

My birthday of 2005, my 19th one was and will be the best birthday of my entire life. The day was so special that nothing can ever come close to it. If ever I had a chance to relive one day, August 8th 2005 would surely be the one. Yeah, I was upset that I was leaving behind my teens like forever and had just stepped into the dreading twenties but that day truly belonged to me. After that birthdays don't matter much anymore. Big deal, it comes every year. If you miss one, you can always make up for it next year.

This was not the scene in schools. Kids indeed are foolish. Dressing up and distributing sweets on growing older seems so silly now. But during my school days, I would take extra pains in dressing up and looking colourful when all the others had to don their plain simple regular uniform. Distributing chocolates to everyone made me feel like a queen then. But looking back at those days, I feel so immature. Now, I wouldn't care to pay a dime to tell anyone that I'm growing old. A month before every birthday, I sit down with my diary and jot down the things I need to accomplish before my next birthday. I'm proud to say that I have done everything I wanted to do before I turned 23. Including getting an extra piercing on my ear, getting a wacky haircut and getting totally sloshed until I passed out.

Yesterday I sat up on my bed and made a list of things I need to accomplish before I turn 24.
1) I need to find a way to get a job which I love. Something towards the creative side.
2) I need to be more responsible.
3) I need to mend the lose ends in my life.
4) I have to complete the book "Gone with the wind". If I start now, probably I'll finish by then.
5) I need to get my sister settled down.
6) I need to secure my parents' future and health totally. 100% I mean.
7) I am NOT going to lose anything/anyone I love.
8) I need to meet someone famous.
9) I need to decide on the topic of my dream book that I want to write before I turn 25.
10) I need to take care of myself in such a way that I can throw migraine out of my life forever. This is something which has been a part of my list since I was 15 :-(.

So far, this is it. I'm pretty sure I can make it.

Since I share my birthday with my dad, it has always been a double celebration. Short lived happiness I call it. Once the party is over and the gifts have been opened, the only thing left is the thought that you have turned a year older. I wouldn't mind "A curious case of Soumya" in this regard :-). I don't know how my birthday is going to be this year. Last years pretty much sucked. I'm hoping for a better one this year and I hope God gives me the gift I've been asking him like forever. More on this, on 8th August..!!