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I See You

I see you when I open my eyes,
There is no place where you are'nt there..
Even when I close my eyes,
I see you..

When I read the letters you wrote,
Its a combination of feelings..
Amidst the blurness of my tears,
I see you..

I can still feel the songs,
That you endlessly sang for me..
When I listen to anyone singing,
I see you..

Walking in a crowd,
Missing you..
When I look by my side,
I see you..

The thought of you,
Brings a smile on my face..
When I look up from what I am doing,
I see you..

When I see a couple walking by,
I wonder why am I alone..
When I think of my future,
I see you..

When I visit the places where we'd been,
I can feel you all around me..
I know you are no where around but,
I see you..

I can still feel your smell,
Thats the time the feelings dwell..
Everytime I breathe,
I see you..

When I wake up,
I feel you beside me..
Everytime someone puts me to sleep,
I see you..

When I'm happy,
I see you smiling by my side..
When I'm sad n noone's holding my hand,
I see you..

I dont need anything,
To remind me of you..
Because everytime I look at myself,
I see you..

I'm not insane,
Its just that I'm crazy for you..
Cos even when you're far far away,
I see you..


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