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I Miss

I miss,

  • The long conversations we used to have.
  • The sweet nothings you used to whisper.
  • The bright smile on your face on seeing me.
  • The naughty madness we shared.
  • The countless songs you used to sing for me.
  • The sight of your love filled eyes.
  • The warm touch of your hand.
  • The assurance your arms provided.
  • The prompt goodnight kisses.
  • The passionate days and nights.
  • The silly fights and the lovely make-up's.
  • The concern you showed.
  • The twinkle in your eye.
  • The soothing effect of your wonderful voice.
  • The slight blush you gave when I praised you.
  • The appreciation you gave when I looked good.
  • The happy tears we shared n number of times.
  • The times when we got wet in the rain and loved it.
  • The monthly celebrations we had.
  • The feeling of seeing you everyday.
  • The pride of belonging to you.
and most importantly, I miss what I was when I was with you.


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