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Random Thoughts

To all my friends, with love..

Random thoughts flooding my head,
Seeing colors everywhere, blue, green and red;
The black and white haze seeming to lift,
Life seems wonderful almost like a gift.

You do right, you do wrong,
In the end, it only makes you strong;
Forgive, but do not forget,
Happiness is not that hard to get.

You need to make it happen,
Life is not always pixies and elves;
Cos a soul that has not suffered,
Would never fully know itself.

Even from the darkest alley,
You can still see the stars;
Smile, pray and love,
This will help heal the scars.

The purpose of humanity,
Is the meaning of life;
At least within yourself,
Let go of the strife.

While in a storm,
Don't let go of the boats;
Only while you're sinking,
You'll know that hope floats.

Just because you have it all,
Doesn't mean you have all the power;
The best of fragrance,
May still come from the ugliest flower.

We all have our faults and foibles,
After all we're just human;
The least we can do, is to live up to it,
And try to conquer the inner demon.

Love must be, free like a bird,
Give it space and it'll never bid adieu;
The more you give it away,
The more it comes back to you.

Stand by your thoughts,
Never let it go away;
Make sure when you kneel,
Its only to pray.

Things will not be smooth always,
There will be conflict and collision;
Through hardship and misfortune,
We usually have the clearest of vision.

Do not be discouraged,
We all have our share of trouble;
You'll never make it to the top of the mountain,
If you whine, while you step on a pebble.


  1. awwww thanks babe :) means a lot!!

  2. welcome babe.. we're in the same boat after all :)

  3. Thanks!Chicken soup for the wounded soul:-)

  4. welcome! u've been the most intergal part of the boat after me.. :)

  5. wish there was a triple 'like' button here. simply wow. =]

  6. awww.. thats so sweet Sandeep.! Thanks a ton! :)

  7. its an awesome poem..i loved it :)

  8. Very true.. Never be in the prison of the past, always act in a way that is congruent with your true character with integrity...


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