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Please Listen

Please listen and don't say a word yet,
Remember the first time when we first ever met?
The madness, the feelings and the memories that we shared;
Remember, once upon a time you actually cared.

Now think of the time when we parted,
Remember my wail? Remember my cry?
You practically crushed and threw me away,
But I'm still here, ain't I?

Its been almost two years,
Still flow the uncontrollable tears;
When I try to rebuild my life with what I've got,
It just crumbles down, when I realise what I have not.

You were the most special part of my life,
A part that I will never forget;
A part of my life that broke my heart,
A part that I don't regret.

You gave me many happy memories,
All of which I'll keep in my heart;
Every breath brings in the pain,
Oh, Why did you have to go apart?

You are my true love and will always be so,
After all the sadness and never ending pain, I know;
You are special and that will never change,
I love you, and everyone else now seems so strange.

Please listen and don't say a word yet,
How much more pain do I still have to get?
Is it all my fault, did I throw it all away?
Why am I being punished, every night and day?