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Poetry in Motion

It was the perfect blend of colors. Blue, purple, orange, red, yellow; all splashed against a mild background drawing figures as they went. The mystic scent was over powering, intoxicating almost. The magical smoke made swirling patterns around her, as she opened her eyes to witness the impossible sight. There were balloons high up in the air. Pink. She hated the color, but today she devoured the scene.

The blue butterfly chased her, as she ran giggling around the stream of fuchsia flowers. The color rubbed off on her skin as she galloped from color to color soaking in the moment. There was this drizzle of pure dew that flowed on her, wanting to erase all her fears. And it all left, like an aftermath, disappearing into nothingness. It felt cold, but nice. There remained a rainbow thrown around the light blue sky like a marathon of colors. It was all so bright and she laughed loud thinking about her black and white theory. It did not hurt her to admit that she was wrong. It felt liberating. Clear headed, she witnessed the spectacle refusing to blink.

The clouds suddenly bloomed around her and a million fireflies lit her halo. She felt light. Very light, like as though the burden has been lifted off her heart. Her mind was beating and her heart was listening. Has life always been this good? Did she refuse to see it? A string quartet appeared around her playing soulful music almost like an answer to her queries. She was perplexed. Stunned. In front of her appeared the face. The most familiar face. It did not sting her this time. She still felt love, but that didn't clasp her. It made her breathe easy. Easy to look away.

As she turned back, she saw a huge mirror. It was surrounded by sun flowers and bumble bees. The thousand yellow flowers stood out bright and so did the thousand within the mirror. It was fascinating as she gaped at the sight. She heard faint music. A violin? No, it was a cello. Smooth, sharp and beautiful. She was suddenly distracted by a face in the mirror. The face that was now smiling at her.


  1. Nice work... Brought a smile on my face too after reading it. I wish there's always colours, fireflies, rainbows and a background of sting quartet playing for you. When I look at the "For Now" section, I feel you fell through a rabbit hole into a wonderland! So I guess it's alright to fall doesn't it? You've a way with words. Quite 'literally' , acquaintance with letters (pun intended). Keep it coming...

  2. And? The face was her's?
    Welcome to 2011, welcome to celebrations. After all, the magnificence of black and white is in the fact that everything in between them is colourful. Say, the spectrum.

    Awesome post. I know not your past, but I like the present, with all its colors. Bless you, if I may.

    At times life is wicked and I just can't see the light
    A silver lining sometimes isn't enough
    To make some wrongs seem right
    Whatever life brings
    I've been through everything
    And now I'm on my knees again

    But I know I must go on
    Although I hurt I must be strong
    Because inside I know that many feel this way

    Children don't stop dancing
    Believe you can fly


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @Savan, Thank you so so much. I need to thank you too, you gave me the idea.. Now you get the falling part.. Thank you so much for your wonderful words and the pun!! Its gonna keep on coming u bet!

    @BA, It was her face and her smile :).. Thank you so much for your kind words and the blessings! U may, always.. U always teach me something new. Thanks again.


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