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The Yellow Tale

"You know I love you na." Sam whispered in to my ear as I was busy looking for yellow bangles. I turned around and give him the look that he is very familiar with. He smiles sheepishly as he pulls the dupatta from my hand and stretches himself to the topmost shelf of bangles. He finds the perfect shade there, and I see a look of triumph on his face.

"What would I do without you?" I say as I try on the bangles.

He drags me towards the mirror as I pose highlighting the bright yellow. The bangles glisten in the sun and shine on my face. The afternoon heat was not as much as I had expected. A weekday was the best to shop in the streets of Bangalore. Sam as usual had insisted on accompanying me. He stared at me in the mirror, with love lorn eyes. I look at him and smile.

"You know I love you na." He says lunging forward to hug me.

"Sameeeeeer." I yell and run towards the bhaiyyaji to pay him for the bangles. My bargaining skills were not that great, but I try my best. Bhaiyyaji doesn't agree to it. Sam to the rescue.

I walk away proudly after getting the bangles on half price, with Sam's arm perched firmly on my shoulder. We stop to have some roadside gola, my favorite. I was just about to order my flavour, when Sam butts in.

"Bhaiyya, two kaala khattas." He says and reaches for his wallet.

I grin. Sam knew my likes and dislikes. I always had him by my side and I thanked God for it. I waited for the gola-waala to make the golas as I watched him in awe. He crushed the ice effortlessly and pressed it into a steel tumbler to get the conical shape and stuck a candy stick into it. I saw a yellow bottle kept on the stand and asked him what it was. Sam looked at me in confusion.

"Mango flavor madam. You want?" The gola-waala said casually.

"Hmm.. ok. Make mine mango." I said, still looking at the speed at which his hands were working.

He carefully pulled the shaped ice out of the tumbler and put it into a transparent glass. He took out the mango syrup and poured it in a swirling fashion. The orangish yellow soon turned pale as it kissed the ice. He poured in more syrup as the ice turned into glistening gold.

"Here madam." He shoved the glass into my hand and got busy with other customers.

"Having a yellow rush, are we?" Sam asks holding his glass filled with the black brown syrup.

"Maybe. Just look at how pretty it looks." I gush and take a first lick.

"Ummmm... its yummy. Much better than Frooti." I say happily.

Sam starts laughing.

"Just look at you. You are worse than a child." He says in between laughs.

"Hmmph... Don't say that. I'm going to be a wife soon, you know." I say with a smirk.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Sam teases.

He watches me for a while as I suck into the mango flavored ice with the juice dripping down my lips all the way to my chin. I hurriedly grab a tissue from my bag and wipe it, and look at Sam, all prepared to be teased again.

"You know I love you na." He says and takes the glass from my hand so that I can clean the yummy mess of my face.

We finish and walk towards Tamanna, the place where I have placed the order for my wedding trousseau. I am supposed to collect it today. After a five minute wait, my lehenga arrives in a wooden hanger. Tears well up my eyes as I look at it. Sam holds my hand as I try to control myself.

"It looks beautiful Meera." Sam says emotionally.

"Hmmm..." I nod feeling overwhelmed.

"Why don't you try it." Sam suggests.

I go into the trial room, cradling the outfit in my arms. After a whole fifteen minutes, I walk out. Complete, with the veil on my head.

Sam gets up from his seat and stares at me from top to bottom. I can see the emotions on his face and the love for me in his eyes. I know I look good. The bright yellow of the lehenga perfectly complemented the bold pink of the blouse. The skirt flowed brilliantly, highlighting my slim figure. The plunging backside of my blouse, showed off the 'S' tattoo on my back. The veil caressed my head hiding the million things that was going on in my mind at that very moment.

"You know I love you na." Sam said after a deep breath.

I nodded as I walked back to the trial room to change into my plain clothes. I was out quicker this time as Sam patiently waited. Having the dress carefully wrapped in tissue and covered in a jute cover, we walk out of Tamanna with a wide smile on both our faces.

"So, how did I look?" I ask Sam as I walk along his side.

"Bearable." He says and bursts into laughter.

I stop and look at him as he notices the tears in my eyes. He quickly stops laughing and places his hands on my shoulder.

"Hey, I was kidding Meera. Come on. You know I love you na." He says wiping away my tears.

"Still....." I say as I burst into tears.

"Hey.. Its okay. Its okay." Sam hugs me.

The people around look at us weirdly. Of course, Bangalore still needs to accept PDA. But we couldn't care less.

I sober down in a minute and look at Sam.

"You looked beautiful Meera. Siddharth is a very lucky guy." My best friend says as he walks by my side, holding my wedding dress in his hands.

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~ Soumya


  1. Woooowww....brilliant ! I loved this !

  2. Ah! The climax brought tears in my eyes...
    Friends like these are rare to find...
    The unexpected end makes this the BEST read...

    Meera is soooo lucky to have a Sameer!
    And this write-up turned out to be WOW indeed!

  3. Hey this was toooooooooooo good!!! WOW it definitely is!

  4. Soumya, That was a breathtaking post ! I loved every bit of it.

  5. Ah! The climax! :D
    Love the way you write. :)

  6. I was expecting this. When I was reading I had the feeling that Meera is not going to get married to Sam. Poor Sam! And omg YELLOW! :D

  7. Yellowwww :D This is WOW one :D Awesome work!! :)

  8. Loved it. Beautifully written...loved the ending. Congrats on the wow :)

  9. The climax is too good!....Great work!.

  10. OMG.. that was such an unexpected twist in the end


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