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My Husband #MyRoleModel

Selfie with #MyRoleModel

A role model is more than an inspiration
Its takes a lot to be an idol to me
Being a borderline feminist
There was only one deserving man I could see

He is the strongest person that I know
Living life by his own opinions and rules
He is the best judge of people around
Knows the difference between innocence and fools

Never to lie or sugar coat words
He is as honest as anyone can be
Intelligent in every sense of the world
To every verbal lock he has the key

He went on to follow his dreams
Without bothering about what others spoke
He came out with bright flying colors
Not letting his passions go up in smoke

He took risks, while people laughed behind him
Slogged day and night to get to where he is
Fingers were pointed one too many
Believing in himself, he gave them all a miss

Another one!

What he did, he did it for himself
Not to prove a point to any body
Having reached the peak of his field
He still does not hesitate to learn or study

He has stood by my side through every step
Even when others warned him against it
I am a strong minded woman myself
For me, he turned out to be the perfect fit

No matter what who says
He does what he thinks is right
He never hesitates to accept if he's wrong
He keenly listens to my insight

He knows how to respect a woman
Be it anyone, a stranger or his mother
Completely secure of his role in my life
He is a complete man like no other

He is the only man I look up to
He is a lover and a best friend
Ask me a hundred times, my answer will be the same
My role model, my husband

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with


  1. that is so cute!! and Ur hubby's lucky have someone who hero worships him so much!! cheers to both of you!!

  2. Awwww :) touchwood <3 you guys make the cutest pair :)

  3. I hope it stays the same. :)

  4. Wow! that is the sweetest poem I have read in a loooong time. :)

  5. That is so beautiful :) Wish you all the happiness :)

    PS: All the best for the competition :)

    1. Thank you and a=same to you!

      You will win the video one I'm sure! :)

    2. :)
      Oh that's so generous of you :)

  6. Such an 'awww' post... :)

  7. That looks like a winning entry!!

  8. Three cheers to our husbands for being such awesome people worthy of being considered as role models.

    P.S. My husband rolled on the floor laughing when I told him I've written about him! Obviously, kisses followed :))

    1. @Nisha, you wrote about the boy too? I will check it out now! When I told Cal that I had to write about my role model, he asked me if I would write about Shahrukh Khan! :O

      After he saw the post he was spellbound. Kisses and other things followed then! ;)

    2. @Enchantress, thank you dear! :*

  9. hehe..good one LEO. Indeed he is the perfect match. :)

  10. Soumyaaaaa I can't take my eyes off d first pic.You guys look so Adorableeeeeee and He is the perfect fit for you Indeed :) God bless n touchwood

  11. Touchwood! :) I'm sure you're winning this contest! :)

  12. Wow, a well dedicated one and Cal deserves it too. You guys make such a cute couple :) Stay blessed this way forever.

  13. Wow...such a wonderful tribute to the man you admire and guys make an amazing couple...lucky you two to have found each other ^_^ Best wishes for life and the contest...
    much love

    1. I am more lucky for sure! :)

      Thank you so so much Swarnali!! :D

      Lots of Love.

  14. Both of you look so perfect together. :) Wish both of u all the best in life

  15. Aww.. Cho cho romantic!! :D Lucky ain't u? ;)

  16. ah ha .. GOD BLESS and may you both keep smiling always like you are in the pic .. All the best and good luck always

    lovely poem


  17. Lovely :-D
    I am speechless...

  18. Soumz! anything you write about cal is the best :)... such a honest post!

  19. Really cool, Soumya :)
    I am reading this today - & today is Savitri Amavasya or Brata- a celebration & Puja done by married women in Odisha for their husband's long life.
    Your post is apt! Best wishes :)

    1. Oh awesome! Thanks for letting me know! :)

      Thank you!

  20. Ah :) Yet another poetic orgasm from you, Soumya ! Just too good :)

    1. Wow, thank you for this wonderful comment Sreeja! :)

  21. You are my writing role model. From a place you probably never heard about. In Zanzibar, Tanzania...silently appreciating and devouring everything you write. I bet you dream in color.

    1. Thank you for this awesome comment Sabra! You just made my day! :)


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