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While reading the news paper one saturday morning, my eyes literally popped out of my head. I was on the movie review page where the movie Dev.D had got a 5 star rating (*****). I was like "What on earth is happening". I had never seen a bollywood movie with the highest rating. As far as I can recall Kill Bill was the only movie with a perfect rating. I had watched Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas. Primarily because it starred Shahrukh Khan. I enjoyed the movie but there was nothing over the top about it. The story seemed too predictable. But Madhuri's costumes were to die for. The ending actually depressed the hell out of me.

After having read the review of Dev.D, me and my sister decided to go watch it. We have seen the worst of movies together so we thought one more will hardly make a difference. But the minute the movie started we were like "WOW" n there was no looking back. It is a movie made for the present generation. Abhay Deol actually proved that not all deols suck. He is amazing as Dev the london-returned punjabi munda. The modern Paro made me standup n applaud. Way to go gal!! Newcomer Maahi Gill has potrayed the character of Paro so splendidly that the halo of Aishwarya Rai actually disappears. Wish she had used a digi cam to shoot herself though :P. The way she transforms from a psyched lover to a responsible wife stumped me. Her dance moves during her wedding was hilarious. Not to miss the prized expression on her husband's face. She has the right amount of charm n excels throughout the movie.

But what caught my attention the most was the character Chanda. Man, that girl looked no more than 15. Her naiveness surprisingly seemed perfect for the part. The movie had amazing twists n turns that it actually made me sit back n replay. The whole concept of booze n dope has been shown so well that it seems like a day to day occurance. Actually I hate those people who resort to such things when something goes wrong in their life. Are they losers or what. For some, this is actually a style statement (OMG!!! Can you believe it).

Well, now coming back to the movie you actually realise that its not so bad. Could have done with fewer songs though. There are hardly any dialogues but those present were witty n very much in sync with today. Thankfully the censorboard did not choose to beep any dialogues. Else the movie would be nothing but beep beep. The song emotional athyachaar ( especially the smoking smoking nikle re duaaaaaaaa part )is catchy n the movie is worth watching just for it. This is much much better than SLB's Devdas. I have not seen the earlier classic so will not compare. The climax is the best part of the movie. I never thought that a Devdas will end in a happy note.
Finally a bollywood movie that set the ball rolling. Loved it. Only an Anurag Kashyap can churn up a movie like this. Brilliant dude..


  1. Recently I watched one of the worst movie.. Well Done Abba... Its waste of money and time :'(

  2. I watched it too.. I actually liked it..


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