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Love is......

Love makes the world go round. According to me being in love or being loved is the best gift
of God. Love is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.. I wrote these verses
for someone very close to my heart..

Although it was not love at first sight,
It was you I thought of morning,noon and night..
Earlier it seemed so hazy n blue,
Then i realised I was in love with you..

For my feelings there was no start or stop,
It was always gradual, hop by hop..
Before I understood these feelings were new,
I knew I was in love with you..

The days,minutes and seconds we spent together,
Those are the moments I always remember..
Wanna tell you a million things,but words I get are few,
Darling, I'm in love with you..

Sweet, caring, crazy but loving,
Thats my sweetheart, cute and charming..
Sounds insane but its true,
Yes, my honey I'm in love with you..

Life with you seems so bright n beautiful,
You erased my worries n made it colourful..
Holy as the bible n as pure as dew,
Thats my love that I feel for you..


  1. WOW!! girl this is amazing stuff!! good job!!

  2. hmm all these days i dint even kno u write poetry.. good goin girl.. or is it the love effect tat ur writin new? :P

  3. thanks kirik... n preeeeee its no love effect, its jus talent u know..:)


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