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The Rickshaw Menace

Whenever I decide to settle down in a city, the only one that comes to my mind is Bangalore. This place is nothing less than heaven. This city of joy has the most pleasant climate at all times. Its a party hub as well as the IT hub. What more do you want. As they say that the best things in life always has an ugly side to it, the same applies to the city as well.

The ugly side being the million Autorickshaw drivers who rule the city. Man they are theives in disguise. I can safely say that 99.99% of them are dishonest. The price that these guys demand these days is equivalent to an airticket sometimes. It just doesnt make any sense. When they have a meter fixed to their vehicle, why on earth do they quote their own price. Trust me, sometimes it feels like an auction.

Its not that their meters are perfect either. Either their meters are tampered or their brains. Today as I was travelling to office in a rick the meter suddenly bounced from 23 bucks to 47 bucks. As i reached half my journey, the meter showed twice the amount that would cost me, had I reached my destination. The worst part was that the driver was so adamant that he has a perfect meter. It was then that I lost my cool. After having given the driver a piece of my mind using the golden words from my dictionary I got down halfway. I was in the middle of a street with no transport. None of the rickshaws were empty, n if they were the price they asked me actually made me tell a guy that I was not looking to buy his vehicle. No wonder they were empty. It is technically supposed to be 7 bucks per kilometer. Which itself is comparatively very high when compared to other cities. Yet, these theives are not happy. Some creeps dont hesitate to ask about a 100 bucks for a 5 kilometer journey. If you're trying to board a rick from areas like Brigade Road, MG Road, Koramangala or Jayanagar ( its not like its better in other areas ), then God save you. Those guys demand atleast twice the actual amount. I've had terrible experiences with regarding these auto drivers. Here are a few of them:
  • Once i travelled in a rick in which the meter was perfect and I was like "Wow! We do have
    some honest drivers around". But the shock came when he demanded extra just because he had a perfect meter. Hello... I am not giving away rewards for honesty.
  • A month ago I was arguing with a driver in front of my office as he was demanding 30 bucks extra, he says "Madam, you work in such a big office and yet you're arguing for 30 bucks?". Can you beat that? I was like "Dude, I work there. My dad doesnt own that office".
  • Sometime when my sister n I were going out to watch a movie, we came across a signal.
    Inspite of standing still, the meter went on n on. Reason he says, "Waiting Charge". We were stunned. Its not that we like waiting somewhere for no reason especially when we are late for a movie.
  • When I was negotiating the price with a driver once, another driver comes along n agrees to take me for the meter charge. At the destination he demands extra since he saved me earlier from the greedy driver. Phew! My saviour. A rickshawalla??

I'm more than sure that soon these notorious people will start accepting cheques n credit cards. Just hope something is done soon about these corrupt rickshaw drivers.


  1. For me too, there are only two places in the world, Bangalore ... and everywhere else... and alas these autowallas are a sore spot...and their crimes are not limited to overcharging..they drive dangerously n cause accidents.

  2. pretty soon i can envision my self in this scene me:"wtf!! i dont even have that much money with me.. take 50 bucks or leave it..." auto dude:"dont worry madam i accept credit/debit cards..icici/amex/hdfc i give 2% off on fuel surcharge.. women's gold card i give 1 % off on waiting charge...simply swipe maadi" :D

  3. true man.... these crooks are capable of anything

  4. One day, I wanted to visit my friends house close to my office and wanted to board a auto which stood in front of my office.. after agreeing to take me to that place, he demanded Rs 150 for just 5 kms drive @7pm, I asked him why so much, then auto driver told me that- since you work in such a big IT company, you should pay this much.. After that I asked him do you accept cards, because all employees who work in big companies swipes their credit cards.. He was perplexed and agreed for Rs30/-

  5. Haha thats so sounds like an auto driver in Bangalore.. They are day light thieves.. Better be careful! Soon i'm sure they will start accepting all kinda cards.. Some cabs have already started that..


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