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New Colors of Life

There are sequels to book, sequels to movies. We all know that I'm a bit unconventional so I'm bringing up a sequel to my earlier poem. This poem has been very close to my heart. It gave me the confidence to continue my poetry and according to me its one my best till date. And like any book or movie, the prequel is always better than the sequel.

Feeling blue,
I seem to move on without a clue;
Fighting my way through things,
And mingling with the old and new.

Feeling green,
Finally realising what love does mean;
Its all about patience and hope,
If you want it to bring a sheen.

Feeling yellow,
Life is like a sweet journey through jello;
At times it sounds rough and scary,
And at times its like the tunes of a cello.

Feeling red,
As I lie musing upon my bed;
It all feels like a crumpled jumble,
That has to be held together by a thread.

Feeling lime,
Life seems to be chanting a chime;
I wanna live to the fullest,
I will cos its surely not a crime.

Feeling white,
It the end its all turns alright;
Its up to me to paint my life,
And I'm gonna make it a worthful sight.

Feeling brown,
Miseries are to learn and not drown;
Need to learn to laugh at yourself,
And sometimes to jest like a clown.

Feeling pink,
Love is something that needs to be in sync;
You need to constantly work at it,
Else it all disappears in a blink.

Feeling gray,
I want this sinking feeling to go away;
I want to pave way for happy thoughts,
And when sun shines, I'll make hay.

Feeling gold,
I need to make myself strong and bold;
Learn to successfully adapt to situations,
And be prepared to fit into any mould.

Feeling black,
I'm saving up my love stack by stack;
Because no matter what I do or say,
There is only thing that I still lack.


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