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What should I call you?

Should I call you hope?
Cos you give me a reason to live
You are the reason for my existence
For whom anything I can give

Should I call you faith?
Cos you make me want to breathe
For you I can go on
And achieve even a impossible feat

Should I call you love?
That's the word most associated with you
The most purest of feelings
That comes only when I think of you

Should I call you joy?
That's what you bring into my life
Only you can make me feel
That its all worth the strife

Should I call you peace?
Cos only you can soothe my mind
You take me to this perfect place
Where always we shall bind

Should I call you life?
Cos you are what I'm living
Even when it seems to come to an end
I can sustain by re-living

Should I call you me?
Or the most important part of me?
Cos for my happiness closet
You, my love, are the key!