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Free Fall

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There is this tingling sensation that I feel
Of butterflies and the chant of a saxophone 
I hear the birds chirping more clearly
Every sound has now taken a musical tone

The world suddenly seems like a better place
Even a sip of water intoxicates me
I am lost in an endless dreamy trance
That is prettier than what my eyes can see

This feeling is extremely beautiful
I never want to let go off it
I see an array of endless candles
And my life is now miraculously lit

Nothing around bothers me anymore
Happiness is the only thing that I feel
Finally I have an answer to all my questions
All the loose ends are now tightly sealed

Colors now have a new meaning to me
Every shade takes me to a different land
My mind is busy spinning a bright tale
Larger than life, something very grand

They say once you are in, you cannot get out
But I have already made up my body, mind and soul
I have left behind incomplete parts of me
This scintillating feeling makes me whole

People call this an inviting endless well
But I see you standing in there from above
I am no longer afraid of jumping in
Catch me my dear, for I'm falling in love


  1. Such euphoria! Only love can do this. Beautifully written.

  2. The feeling of falling in love expressed with passion and beautifully done. An ode to love:)

  3. Lovely poem and it's so true. Falling in love makes colors brighter and sensations greater. The world becomes intoxicating. :-)

  4. "Here I go again, I hear those trumpets blow again, all aglow again, taking a chance on love."

  5. Yay, is what I wanted to say when I finished reading! Such joy! :D

  6. ah! thats such a positive tune :)

  7. I would rather say , " arise in love" . Beautiful moments and feelings captured.

  8. Love. Such a beautiful feeling <3 In fact, one of the best feelings and you have conveyed it so well :)

  9. Beautiful. Took me back to the days I started falling in love. You experience an euphoria that really intoxicates you.

  10. Lovely lines on love. Nice take on post soumya!:)

  11. intense feelings!

  12. so so beautiful! i love the fact the trust is so immense that she isn't afraid of falling in love.

  13. Falling in love is great :)
    Nice words, Soumya!


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