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Rain Pain

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This is something that everyone loves
I absolutely enjoy moments in the rain
But at times it puts an halt to all my plans
Ruining everything, causing me terrible pain

I love the sweet smell of the petrichor
And the cold breeze that comes with it
But when you are living in a city like mine
Traffic is the first thing to get hit

I love the memories that come with rain
Causing me to smile, and at times to cry
The thing that I hate the most about rains
Is that the washed clothes never dry

The mild drizzle is a pleasure to watch
I love the sound of pitter patter on my window pane
But once done it is so difficult to step out
Due to the umpteen tiny pools in the lane

The air around feels so cool and nice
The perfect time for some hot coffee dash
But when you decide to take a stroll down the street
Someone is bound to spray you with a muddy splash

I love the chirping of birds during monsoon
They sound so happy, fresh and gay
With rains also come the dreaded power cut
Forcing you to have a dark day

The rainbow is a boon after the rains
Standing strong and pretty with all its hues
The reason why I get angry with the pour
Is that it spoils my precious shoes

Inspite of all the cons, they are wonderful
Nothing can beat the serenity of rain
Even though it can cause trouble at times
It also has the magic of healing the pain

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  1. Rains always does that to us, right? You have made me nostalgic now :)

  2. Loved the way you combined the mixed feelings related with the rains!

  3. Absolutely loved it! You brought out everything related to rain- the beauty, the misery and even the hot cup of coffee!! I could picture it all so well! Great one, Soumya! As always :)

  4. I love rains...they remind me of you
    I hate rains...they remind me of you

  5. Great words :) Rain indeed holds an upper hand to pain ;)

  6. Now this one is as real as it can be Soumya ! beautifully real and pragmatically lyrical :) enjoyed !! Waise my inclination is towards rains (sigh) hopeless !!


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