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Depressing - Thats New York

I just saw New York this weekend. After ages I was watching a bollywood flick in a theatre. So went with really high expectations. N the fact that it was a Yash Raj production only seemed to increase it. Fun Cinemas in Sigma Mall, Cunningham road was the only place where tickets were available. I hate that place. I dont know why but everytime I visit Sigma mall, I come out feeling extremely depressed or irritated. This time it was a combination of both. Depressed because of the movie, n irritated because of the person who was accompanying me.

Now the movie... Its good. But definitely not worth a **** rating. I would give it a *** rating. The movie starts of well. The best part is the campus story n it is also the shortest part. Katrina looks awesome, but poor girl cant act to save her life. She has the same expression throughout the movie. John looks amazing as usual, but his acting stumped me. He has come a long way since his Aetbaar and Madhoshi days. Neil Nitin Mukesh was surely a surprise package. Acting - Good, Looks - Pancy. He's too fair for a guy and that makes him a bit feminine. But he is a great actor. Loved him in Johny Gaddar.

The prison scenes with John are highly depressing. The Guantanamo Bay like treatment is shown very well, n that actually makes it depressing. Humans treating other humans like shit is something which will never be acceptable by me. No person deserved to be tortured inhumanely. Nothing justifies that. The scene in which John cries while eating the crappy jail food brought tears to my eye. I started sobbing. The jail scenes are really really depressing.

The plot after this is really boring. The bombing of the twin towers is shown for just a minute, but has been used as the back drop of the movie. The immediate life after that is not shown. It just fast forwards to 7 years after that. The climax is just ultra pathetic. The whole concept is really good, but could have been shown in a better way. Would have preferred some more action too. Just an advice to the director. If you want to show John Abraham nude, then please make sure its not when he's being tortured. Otherwise, I wouldnt mind. The movie surely has a heart and soul, but sadly it leads no where.


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