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Monday Blues

Mondays... Apart from poverty, racism and AIDS, this is something I wish never existed. The very thought of Mondays make me yawn my lungs out. The Monday blues are the worst feeling ever. I literally have to drag myself out of bed every Monday morning. Actually this is the same story everyday ;-) but its worse on Mondays. The weekends are always shorter n the sun rises really early on a Monday. Techies nowadays just dont have a life. Even before you know it the weekends are gone n the damned Monday is laughing at your face. Why cant it be a 5 day week? Or why dont we have 3 days for the weekend? Its so sad. Not going over the top, I think Wednesdays should be made an official holiday as well. Working on Monday n Tuesday, then an off, Back to work for next 2 days n an off again. This would be really ideal.

Work goes on, but dont we need sufficient rest? The entire week is spent with us rattling our brains. We surely need a mid-week break. Please God please, hear us.!!


  1. Most countries in the EU(European Union) have only 35 hr weeks.Probably u should be there...

    PS:just struck my mind....europeans prefer it 5*7=35..5 days...7 hrs/day...given a choice we indians would make it 24*1.5= 35 work hrs....:-)
    One n half days of continous work followed by 5.5 days off:-)


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