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That thing called.... Love

That thing This particular title of a book caught my eye at Blossoms', the book store. Being a love fool, as expected I picked up the book. It was written by a new comer. Worse, Indian. Indian author books are not something I like to read. Well I'm not being racist here, its just that I dont like their style of writing. Chetan Bhagat for example, Five point someone was good ( okay to be precise ), the other two sucked. His third book, 3 mistakes of my life made me realise that the 2 days I spent reading it, n the 180 bucks I spent on the book is something that I'm never going to get back. I had almost written off Indian authors until I came across Jhumpa Lahiri. Her Namesake, Interpreter of Maladies and Unaccustomed Earth were amazing. Unaccustomed Earth in particular was great. It was simple, n each story in it was well told in a sweet way. You could easily identify yourself with any of those characters. That was the last Indian author book I read. Feeling that it was high time I try another, I bought this book, that thing called... love.

This book is written by a newcomer, Tuhin Sinha. As the title suggests this book is all about love. It is an offbeat novel, putting light on all areas of love, infidelity, betrayal, n the recent sensational topic - homosexuality. Adding to all these areas is the backdrop of Mumbai monsoons, the self-considered romantic season. I think winters n spring is more romantic personally. The book is good, not all that great. The characters are basically confused n its easy to identify with them as every person, male or female has surely been in such a situation. The main protagonist reminded me of a very close friend [:P] n that made me devour the book ASAP. The story line is really cute n has some very amazing dialogues. My favourite being- "No woman needs a man to complete her life". I totally agree now. A few months earlier I wouldnt have. This book actually makes you think a lot about your life n love n shakes you until you realise the blunt truth, which you always knew but never wanted to accept.

The way a marriage is ripped apart by a stranger is shown well. It can easily happen to any common person. I dint like a particular track regarding a call girl/receptionist. Even the way a character cheats on his wife just for the kick of it is alarming. This book makes you want to think. N think a lot. It also deviates from the " N they lived happily ever after" concept. Surely worth a read...


  1. u could say ...Reading the "3 mistakes of my life" was the first mistake of my life:-)

  2. i could.. it surely was a mistake. But not the first, nor the second, nor the third.. so thought it wont sound right :P

  3. Of course.First mistake,i meant as in choice of books....not in Life... there i figure u r somewhere near a 8 digit no:-)

  4. 8 digit?? yeah.. kinda close :-).. Na, in books too not first mistake.. I told u about Rushdie's "Enchantress of Florence" right... :P

  5. whom did the main protagonist remind you of ?..

  6. not you rahul... so dont worry..who should know it, knows..


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