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Shiney, not shining anymore..!!

Last night, after watching India's debacle in the world cup... Like I was not depressed enough, I came across a breaking news "Actor Shiney Ahuja accused of raping housemaid". Worse, him confessing to it. I couldnt believe it. I've always liked him. He looked so normal, so ordinary that made him attractive. But him being in the news for wrong reasons, upset me. If he has confessed to it, then there is nothing much to say. He deserves the worst of punishments. If he's being framed, then I pray that he come clean. I dont think he is someone who would do such a mean thing. A well settled n married guy with a kid. N not to forget that he is famous. The housemaid in question surely doesnt look 19, n without any forensic evidence, I dont know how they arrested him. I just hope this episode doesnt jeopardise his career. Not that he has a very upswinging one, but still I liked a few of his movies n he looks great. Hmmm... being a celebrity has its own up's n down's.