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Silver Spell

Image Source: The Magpie Tales

You look so calm and serene
Under this silver moonlight
I can feel your eyes on me
As I shiver in the cold night

I know you want to come up to me
Trying to make some conversation
Waiting for a train has never felt this good
As we are the last two souls in this station

As my eyes finally meet yours
You have a lot to say I could tell
I sit back and soak in this moment
The moon seems to have cast a spell

Adding to this hesitating moment
I can hear a slow song somewhere
I trace dance steps with my toe
Wondering if a dance we can share

Your eyes remain fixed on me
I play with my hair and give you a smile
You smile back and heave a sigh
This game was happening for quite a while

Can't you see that I need you
Why are you not approaching me
What are your stares supposed to mean
What is that you want me to see

Tonight was meant to happen
Don't think much, just give in
Come on stranger, come closer
Let us sing, dance and spin

My feet soon finds its rhythm
As the radio plays another song
I get lost in the mild symphony
Dance always makes me feel strong

I can see you slowly approach
Oh dear, come let us get lost in this tune
Who knows what this might lead to
We might be spinning on our love dune

Come on, hold my hand and dance with me
For now, in this feeling let us dwell
Let us together make hypnotic music
Under this intoxicating silver spell

Linking to The Magpie Tales: Mag 223, Theme Thursday - Prompt 'Loving' and Poetry Jam - Prompt 'The Moon'.


  1. Awesome soumz! though I sound like a broken record, cant stop telling u again that u are just too gud at words... n hats off to your creative thinking :)

    1. Thank you so much. I love your comments too :)

  2. I just finished watching Before Sunrise and your post was bang on after watching it!Some strangers come into our lives and take up so much space in our heart. Simply soulful, Soumya :)

  3. Wonderful, Soumya!
    May the music & dance never end :)

  4. Fancifully charming; well done.

  5. Intoxicating indeed! you have cast a spell with your words.

  6. The initial fluttering feeling of love!
    So beautifully depicted, Soumya girl :)

    1. Thank you Anisha, nice you see you back here after long! :)

  7. Beautiful writing Soumya ...u definitely have a way with words.

  8. The flow of words is so effortless and magical. :)

    1. Thank you Pooja! :)

      Why haven't you been writing, I miss your work!

  9. Aah awesome, beautiful and flows perfectly!

  10. Ah, I was caught in the spell for a while as I read your post. Beauty, your poem is!

  11. Yaar how do you rhyme so well? Am jealous, really, after reading this piece :-/

    1. Ah ha. You can't repeat my comments here :P

  12. That's a wonderful romance that's brewing ;)
    How easily you have brought the union of strangers under the moonlight to life !
    I admire the way you've cast the spell on us, Soumya !

  13. Breezy and beautiful one Soumya. Can I repeat Amrit's comment?? :P You do rhyme well. :)

  14. Great to read, Soumya, and very romantic . . . . enough to melt a fellow's heart , , , , , lol
    Quite lovely! I am signing up as your follower!

    I had my first attempt this week in equal veign.
    I would be honoured if you stopped by.
    . . . . . and if you like it I have another set to music on:

    Best wishes ~ Eddie

  15. Such a beautiful and romantic write this! :-)


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