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Soul: Lost & Found

Image Source: DeviantArt

I come here and sit alone
I can see nothing nor feel
My soul is lost somewhere
I don't know if I can heal

How could the world be so cruel
Snatched you away so soon
I am lost in this loneliness
As I await impending doom

I feel completely hollow inside
I have no purpose to live
Everything around pierces me
I have nothing left to take or give

Just when I was about to give up
Something held me back tight
I do not know what exactly it was
Yet it kept me up all night

Then the reality finally struck
You were now breathing inside me
Cocooned and safe inside my womb
A piece of you that now I could see

Destiny has played its game again
I now await your presence 
Our child brought back my soul
Enveloped truly in your essence

I no longer feel lonely now
The life inside me keeps me alive
I feel your love all over again
Helping me breathe and survive

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  1. Wow! Haunting and painful at the same time... But I love the ray of Hope that you've given towards the end.

    1. Thank you Aathira. You have been too kind :)

  2. Lovely soumz! you make me sail through your words!

  3. Sad and painful...The way the kid was depicted as a ray of hope...beautiful

  4. That was beautiful !
    I wonder whether you love your coffee more or poetry :).

  5. The life inside me keeps me alive...sigh..

  6. Lovely.. Beautifully written Soumya!

  7. This is superb, Soumya ! Pain, hope, love, yearning - all conveyed well, without going overboard !! Kudos over this piece :)

    1. Thank you Sreeja, you have been very kind! :)

  8. It's so lovely and profound Soumya.. The melancholy and hope.. Absolutely beautiful..

  9. well this one sort of converys all emotions .. well so i found it to be :)


  10. Soul Stirring lines, beautifully penned the feelings of a lonely heart...<3 it Soumya

  11. Beautifully penned, losing and finding the same thing but in such different ways!

  12. Now this is what they call sheer CLASS .... too too too good :-)

    1. Wow, coming from the master himself. Thanks :)

  13. I loved how you weaved hope in this poem, that even in the worst of time , darkness we find light. Beautiful indeed


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