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Well Deserved

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He grabbed me into the empty meeting room. It was past eleven, and there was hardly anyone left in the office this night. Only a bunch of us were working to complete the release on time. I had walked up to the pantry to get myself a cup of coffee while he got me.

"Say it, say it now." He murmurs into my right ear.

"Oh come on, let it go. You know I am married now." I try to push him away.

I felt one of his hand on my back and the other on my head. He is feeling my hair and trying to catch a glimpse of my scent. His eyes are hungrily looking into my eyes waiting to hear something else. I look away.

"I am married too, but I still love you. I know you love me too, come on say it!"

"What is wrong with you Varun? Shilpa is a very nice girl. Get away from me." I push him away and try to walk away but he grabs my hand.

"Shilpa? You know I do not love her. I married her just to get back at you. It was a big mistake. I want you back Reena, its you I love. I'll leave her. I promise I will." He begs.

I look at him in shock. We were in a relationship years ago and it had ended because Varun did not want to make a commitment. Later, I fell in love with Sagar and married him. A year later, Varun tied the know with Shilpa. We worked in the same team, Varun and I, but had maintained our distance. But of late, he had been trying to get close to me.

"Wow! It was you who did not want me back then...." I say and stare back at him.

"That was then. And it was not like I did not want you. I have always wanted you, just that I did not want to get married then. But now I want to."

"Haha, you are such a loser Varun. I love my husband. It is better that you go back to your wife."

"No, you cannot leave me. I walked out on Shilpa this morning. I am only yours Reena." He grabs my hand again.

I slap him hard this time.

"You are a horrible person, you know that! People like you deserve to be alone." I reach for the door.

"Reena, you cannot do this. Listen...." He tries to hold me again.

"You touch me again, I shall call the authorities." I say sternly and walk away.

The next day, Varun quit the company.


  1. LOSER...Such men!!
    Good one Leo.

  2. Agree with Red. Losers! Good one babes!

  3. Men.. Their state of mind is sure bewildering!! Specially losers like the one above.

  4. I liked what she did! No, I loved it! He deserves what he got! Good one, Soumya :)

  5. So glad the girl took her stand. Such men deserve no pity, no love.

    You wrote it in such a realistic manner. Loved the narration! :*

  6. Men.. they can do anything to get back right? Even if that's a totally stupid act.
    Well written. :)

  7. I loved how Reena treated him. Thank God we have such women around as well.

    And well, congratulations on the 'well deserved' prize today!! :D

  8. people like Varun are selfish! and i like the title 'well deserve' ;) ! nice one !

  9. He deserves to be punish ... and perhaps his loneliness will now make him realize his mistakes ... good one :-)

  10. I know these obsessive lover personally in my life and they are more disgusting... Even you love will fall small the amount of hatred they will generate in you with their behaviour sick!

    1. I completely agree. I myself have had some really unpleasant experiences.

  11. Wow a strong woman she is! That is how men like that should be treated. Nice one :)

  12. He deserves it. Every bit of it. Thinks he can get back easily, does he ??

    Well conceived, Soumya !

    1. Some men, believe me are like this.

      Thank you! :)

  13. It always happens that men run after you when you are out of love with them and even their proximity near you is annoying..

    Good that she slapped him. He deserved a kick on his balls

  14. A really good one Leo. And the loser actually got what he deserved!


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